Palladium Fantasy Magic Items:



One of the larger sections on my website, there are several hundred magic items on the page. They come from all over the Palladium Fantasy world with some ancient while others are ancient and date to even before the elf and dwarf wars.

While many of the magic items are weapons, many are not and include a number of practical every day magic items. As far as weapons, the page has conventional magic weapons, holy weapons, and rune weapons. There are even a number of Dragon Slayer weapons.

Many of the magic items, especially holy items and rune items, have extensive background so as to make them fit better within the world and make them come more alive. The author has tried to make magic items of various power levels, some relatively low powered while others, include several of the rune weapons, extremely powerful.

New magic item types were created including enchanted musical instruments and "Ward Scored" armors. “Ward Scored” armor do not use normal alchemist enchantments but instead are created by Diabolists / Ward Masters and, while offering excellent benefits, are far cheaper than magic items my by Alchemists.

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