Crystal Crown of the Swan (Enchanted Crown):

The Crystal Crown of the Swan is said to have been created for an Elven Sorceress when the Elves still ruled the world. Due to the fact that the crown is made from crystal, some have incorrectly assumed that the item was made by the Alchemist known as Eldron. The sorceress was said to be one of the most powerful sorcerers or sorceress even known. There are stories of several lost spells which are attributed to her. Like many magic items from that time, it was carried by the family of the sorceress for many generations but was lost during the war between the Elves and Dwarves which almost destroyed the world. It is believed that family died down to the the last member. Since them, the item has drifted around the world. Most of the owners of the crown have been powerful sorceresses themselves and the abilities seem to call to practitioners of magic.

The whole crown appears to be made from white crystal. It is semi-transparent and the crown is extremely beautiful. The crown is obviously designed for a woman and it will size to fit most wearers of the crown, growing and shrinking as needed. The sides of the crown reach down to line of the chin and ends in a ball like design. On either side of the crown are a swan wing design which start form below the line of the eyes and are higher than the wearer’s forehead. The band connecting the two wings is rounded up with the middle of the crown pointing downwards in an almost widow's peak like design. In the center of the crown, there is a green faceted gem which appears to be an emerald. It and the rest seem to simply be one object and there is no signs of being mounted.

When worn, the crown boosts the wearers intelligence, endurance, and beauty. It is said that the sorceress who originally had the crown created was quite vain. Already extremely beautiful, she wanted to look even more beautiful. In addition, the crown helps to protect the wearer from magic and psychic attacks. The wearer also appears to be more resistant to the effects of fear. The wearer also does not have to worry about being snuck up on using invisibility due to the fact the crown gives the wearer the ability to see the invisible. The most important ability of the crown is the ability of the crown to store magical energies. The wearer can store their own magical energies as well as it being able to syphon magical energies at a ley line or nexus point.

There is what some consider to be a curse on the crown while others consider it to be no more than a minor annoyance. The wearers hair will slowly change, becoming lighter and lighter through time. The more the crown is worn, the faster that the wearers hair will change in color. Those with black or brown hair will slowly have their hair turn grey while those with blond hair will have their hair slowly change to a platinum blond. This takes several years and can take up to a decade for an elf wearing the crown. The hair will continue to lighten until it is either silver or white in color. Even if the crown is given up, their hair will not darken but it will not lighten further. A wearer of the crown can dye their hair but they will find it fading faster than their natural hair color.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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