Yererd’s Bracer (Lightbringer Rune Bracer):

Legends state that the first one to possess this Greater Lightbringer bracer was an elven ranger known as Yererd. Most tales tell that the bracer was given to the ranger by the deity Heim. It has been suggested that this story actually predates the rise of the Great Elven Kingdom.

There are some arguments with regards to the bracer with some scholars arguing that the bracer came from a different deity and suggesting a not quite so ancient origin of the Lightbringer item. Most do support that the bracer is at least many thousands of years old.

There are quite a number of stories about this bracer throughout the millennium but this is complicated by the fact that the item has been a number of extremely similar appearing enchanted bracers made. Even though these bracers have nothing like the elemental abilities of the actual Lightbringer bracer, this created a lot of confusion. Many adventures throughout the ages have thought they found Yererd’s bracer only to find that they found a lesser enchanted duplicate of the item.

It has been suggested that Yererd wore the bracer for many hundreds of years. Others are believed to have worn it for far less time. A number of famous history figures are suggested to have worn this item including other rangers, priests, and druids. One of the items of evidence which has been used to support ths has been artwork although this is complicated as described above.

In appearance, the Lightbringer bracer seems to be made from some kind of dark green metal, making it not really look like most rune weapons. The entire bracer appears to be covered in the design of leaves, some which are common types while others are a mystery. Some scholars have suggested that the plants represented in the design have died out in the meantime. While there are none on the outside, on the inside of the bracer are tiny runes. The bracer appears to blow with a soft green halo.

As with all Lightbringer items, the bracer is indestructible and shows no signs of its ancient heritage. Of interest, the bracer will form to the forearm of the wearer, shrinking or growing slightly in order to fit properly. The bracer itself seems to feel like it is barely there. It can be used to strike with although most consider it far better to parry strikes with. Not real useful trying to deflect arrows and other ranged attacks although is more useful against swords and other close attacks.

Of course, if it was just a really nice bracer, it likely would not have garnered the historic significance which it has and not as many over the millenniums have tried to possess the bracer. It has a number of powerful elemental magic abilities. These include the abilities of Chameleon, Wither Plants, Animate Plants, Armor of Thorns, Repel Animals, and Wall of Thorns.

In common with many Lightbringer rune weapons, Yererd’s Bracer does not appear to have a strong personality. The wearer will usually only get an occasional feeling from the bracer. This does not however stop people from bonding with the bracer. In addition, the item rejects those whom are not of compatible alignments.

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