Cloak of the Eagle (Enchanted Cloak):

As with many other exotic magic items, these cloaks are mostly made in the Western Empire with only a small number of alchemists making these cloaks. They are exported in limited numbers to elsewhere in the Palladium World and get more expensive the further from the Western Empire if they are available outside the Western Empire. These cloaks are most popular among air elemental masters, also known as warlocks, as well as some wizards, other practitioners of magic, and nobles.

These cloaks are made from layers of feathers and most are extremely beautiful. These cloaks hang down in almost a wing like pattern. Actually, there are a few different alternate versions of this including "Cloak of the Hawk", "Cloak of the Falcon," and "Cloak of the Swan," each using the feathers that the bird that the cloak are named after. Interesting, "Cloaks of the Swan" are more available because the feathers are more available. In addition, in most cases a hood is part of the cloak. They are crafted with the head of the bird that the cloaks are named after including a beak. These cloaks are quite light weight.

Enchanted with protection enchantments, the cloaks give protection similar to a suit of chain mail. They can also withstand greater damage than a suit of plate armor before being destroyed. The cloak will slowly regenerate damage which it takes and eventually all damage will be regenerates. It regenerates much slower than the enchanted metal armors made in the Western Empire and may take days or even weeks to fully regenerate. If wrecked, the cloak will no longer regenerate damage and the enchantments on the cloak will fade away.

The cloak gives protection against most weather conditions. The enchantment is similar to the enchantment put on environmental tents. It will not protect from truly extreme conditions but protect from anything less than that. The cloak protects from heat and cold as well as rain, keeping the person dry as long as they are not immersed. To make conditions easier, the cloaks are self cleaning. As most adventures know, being cold and wet is miserable and this enchantment is as appreciated as the protection from weapons.

Of course, both the ability to act as armor and protection against the environment are common enchanted. The special enchantment of the cloak is the ability to "Fly as the Eagle." The enchantment can be activated up to three times per day and each time activated, the enchantment has a duration of two hours. Flying speeds are up to fifty miles per hour and can make diving and swooping attacks.

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