Expanding Staff (Transformable Weapons):

A relatively common magic items in the Palladium world which combines the ability for a weapon to transform with several other enchantments. This weapon is popular with individuals who don't not want to appear armed but with a simple command becomes a full sized fighting staff. As well, the weapon is popular with fighting monks.

The weapon appears to be a short stick about a foot long and an inch long when not active. In this form, the item is not an effective weapon. When commanded, the staff expands to a quarterstaff which is about six feet long. Some are simple and plain weapons while others are highly decorated and works of art. No matter if plain or highly decorated, the weapons are almost always incredibly balanced.

Besides being able to transform, the staff is enchanted to be indestructible. As well, the weapon is enchanted with thunder hammer and every time the staff strikes, a loud thunderclap is released along with inflicting additional damage.

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