Spear of the Serpent (Holy Spear of Evil):

There are a number of greater and lesser holy weapons dedicated to the evil gods. Most consider this one to be a lesser one. This is one of the few holy weapons which is believed to be dedicated to “Apepi the Immortal.” Interestingly, this is actually argued by some scholars, considering it to be dedicated to another deity of the pantheon.

Compared to most of the Dark Deities of the Pantheon of Light and Dark, few are considered to be dedicated to Apepi. The most common story is that the weapon was created for a warrior more dedicated to Apepi than any others. Even among those who accept this story, many consider him more of a murderer than a real warrior with hundreds if not thousands of victims.

Some suggest that the warrior was killed by a Priest of Darkness because he was just too indiscreet in his murderous activities. The spear was then said to fall into the hands of the priest who carried it for a number of years. Otherwise, the weapon has been carried by various worshiper of the Dark Deities of the Church of Light and Dark. None are believed to have actually have been dedicated worshipers of Apepi.

As with most holy weapons, the weapon is incredibly well crafted. While highly stylized, the head of the spear is in the design of a serpent’s head. There are clear eyes and the mouth of the creature. As well, the head is covered with the design of scales. If it is that of a dragon serpent or a snake is hard to tell with as stylized as the design is. The head appears to be made from some kind of reddish bronze material. Even so, it is stronger than the strongest steel. In fact, the weapon shows no signs of wear and is as sharp as it was when first created. The handle of the spear appears to be made from dark cedar. The whole weapon glows with a red aura.

Even though considered a Holy Weapon of Evil, none of the enchantments seem to stand out as being those most often characterized as those from those of a weapon evil. Instead, the weapon simply inflicts more damage than one might expect against mortal and supernatural opponents alike. Nobody should discount the weapon as being extremely dangerous.

Many stories tell that the weapon is cursed so that only those who serve the pantheon of Set can use the weapon. In general, they will develop a phobia. This fear is usually the fear that servants of the Pantheon of the Dark are out to get them, both to get the spear back and to kill them. This will effect even those who are evil themselves who do not worship the Pantheon of Set. Of course, while it is most likely that this phobia is pretty much true, the curse is debilitating.

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