Chain Lightning (Rune Long Sword):

The sword is actually surprisingly plain for a rune weapon and looks like a sword that might be carried by a moderately successful mercenary. The scabbard with the weapon is plain blue enameled metal with no gems and has no gold or silver decorating it. When drawn, the blade of the weapon is a light blue grey and the runes are deeply engraved down the middle of the blade. The blade tapers slowly until it reaches near the tip of the blade where it tapers more quickly into a sharp point.

When the blade is pulled out of its scabbard, the runes can be seen to glow in their own light with the crackling of electricity and along the blade, blue lightning crawls slowly up and down. Because of this , the weapon can be used as a light source when drawn and will illuminate a 10 foot (3 meter) radius area. The hilt is constructed of very dark grey steel that is almost black. The handle is plain with no ornamentation and the hand grip is braided steel wire. As such, this weapon is fairly unlikely for thieves that do not know the weapon’s abilities to steal.

The magical abilities of the weapons are quite unusual and some scholars have considered the weapon to be a lesser rune weapon while others have considered it to be a greater rune weapon. Along with the unusual special abilities, Chain Lightning does have all the abilities that are common with most rune weapons and is well balance and an excellent sword. The weapon does not have the ability of soul drinking. The sword is of an Unprincipled alignment and can be wielded by individuals of Principled, Scrupulous, and Unprincipled alignments. The personality of the weapon seems to be of an older man, perhaps a grizzled veteran of many battles.

Many stories have been told about the weapon but many people assume that the person who had the sword created for him was attacked by a teammate at one time. It is either this, or he, the entity in the sword, or both were paranoid. As might be indicated by the lightning on the blade, the blades main offensive weapon is lightning. The wielder himself/ herself is immune to the electricity of the weapon except for having their hair stand up. While the weapon does not fully protect from external lightning attacks, it does reduce their effectiveness.

The weapon has the ability to fire lightning from the blade of the weapon. The bolt may be aimed at a specific individual by pointing the point of blade at that person but it does mean that this is the person who will be struck by the lightning bolt. The lightning is believed to be possessed by a very minor air elemental and will only strike at individuals that mean specific harm to the person who owns and possesses the sword. Instead, the beam will hit anyone else within range of the lightning bolt who has such intent.

The swords first choice of targets are other members of the sword bearers party who have ill plans for the current owner of the sword. This is of course not merely dislike but true intention to inflict harm. If there is no one within the range of the lightning bolt, the bolt will go into the ground and dissipate. If the bolt does strike an individual though, either the sword bearers intended or someone different, the bolt will actually bounce to another target at a slightly weaker strength. Like the first strike, all targets have to have intentions to harm the wielder of the sword and must be in range of the lightning bolt. It will continue to bounce until it is out of individuals to hit, in which it dissipates into the ground, or until it runs out of energy. An individual will only be struck once by a lightning bolt although a new lightning bolt can strike that same individual.





Communicates with wielder through limited telepathy.










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