Amber Crystal Halberd (Magical Halberd):

This weapon is only recently known. There are several ideas about the weapon. Some suggest that it was a lost creation of the elven alchemist known as Eldron just found while other suggest that the weapon is a relatively new magic item. If it is a new magic item, there is argument who might have created it. One argument is that Eldron created it. He is one of the only alchemists even known to be able to create these items. Others suggest that perhaps he taught the art to another alchemist, perhaps an apprentice. A few suggest that another alchemist, unrelated to Eldron, created the enchanted the halberd. If the weapon is created by Eldron, it would be considered worth a fortune while if created by another, there is the possibility of more enchanted weapon of a similar nature.

As with most of the other crystal weapons, the halberd is an extremely beautiful weapon. A work of art, the halberd seems to be all one piece with both the head and the handle of the weapon made from a single yellow golden crystal. One could describe that it as amber is color although it hard to imagine a single piece of amber that large. Other than the amber color, the weapon is crystal clear and one can easily see through it. Along the shaft, there are grooves so that it does not slide through a wielder’s hand. One on side is a wide blade while on the other side is a blade. There is a tip as well to allow it to be used to stab with. The halberd is just over seven feet in length and

However the weapon was made, it is exquisitely balanced. The weapon is as well balanced as the finest weapons made by the finest of dwarven weapon crafters. In addition, the weapon is extremely sharp. The weapon just feels perfect in the hands of a warrior who wields it.

There is no sign of wear on the weapon, either handle or blade. It looks like it is brand new. Nothing seems to be able to damage the weapon. As far as known, the weapon is completely indestructible. Without this enchantment, the weapon would likely shatter on any blow. The weapon is extremely sharp and penetrates even deeper than is explained by the weapon’s quality. The weapon actually inflicts as much damage as many rune weapons do.

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