Iryenth [Lightbringer Rune Cutlass]:

Iryenth is a quite powerful Lightbringer weapon. The origins of most Lightbringer weapons is unknown and Iryenth is no exception. Some scholars suggest that the cutlass was made by the goddess Lista while others argue against her creating the cutlass. Debates have been going on for centuries but no one really knows for sure. What is known is that the blade has a long history with stories of the weapon which seem to go back thousands of years. As with the actual origins of the cutlass, the origins of the weapon’s name is lost in time.

The Lightbringer weapon has long been associated with the sea. Throughout the blade’s history, it has often found itself in the hands of ship’s captains, officers, sailors, and even a few pirates and privateers. Not many of the owners have been Water Elemental Masters. A few of the wielders have been worshipers of Lista. The cutlass has been through numerous shipwrecks. Several times, the weapon was thought lost at sea but was sometime later found once again.

As is the case with many Rune and Lightbringer weapons, Iryenth is an extremely beautiful weapon. The blade is polished to almost a mirror quality with engraved waves along the blade. The hand guard appears to be of silver with inlaid designs of fish and other marine creatures in different semi-precious stones, mainly blue and green stones intricately carved. The handle itself appears to be made from ivory and is also engraved with designs of waves. Even though believed to be thousands of years old, there is no sign of wear on the weapon.

Unlike many Lightbringer weapons, Iryenth has a fairly strong personality as is quite vocal at times. Most describe the personality as being feisty and generally prefers those who are fairly wild as well. Interestingly for a Lightbringer weapon, the cutlass has a personality best described as selfish. She will only bond with wielders of Unprincipled and Anarchist alignments.

When wielded, the cutlass is extremely well balanced, equal to the finest of Dwarven weapons. One will find the weapon to be the finest weapons they ever wield. The blade is extremely sharp and the weapon inflicts close to upper limit of Lightbringer rune weapons.

Most Lightbringer weapons don’t have any additional special abilities. Iryenth however has two special abilities. One that is always active is the ability to communicate with sea creatures. Her other enchantment is Water Elemental spell casting. Spells include commanding fish, summoning sharks and whales, creating whirlwinds and hurricanes, calming waters, and able to swim as a dolphin.

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