Anti-Magic Collar (Enchanted Collar):

While these items are surprisingly easy to make, alchemists charge huge amounts for these items. These items are created through ward magic and a ward master (diabolist) can make these items as well. Those who create these items are generally extremely careful about who they are willing to sell these items for. Some warriors and adventurers use these collars to fight against magic. In some ways these items are more effective than Keremond's Spellshield as far as negating magic. In addition, these collars are used to keep wizards and other practitioners of magic from using their magic.

These collars use the Mystic Energy Drain ward on a plaque made from dragon bone. The dragon bone itself is completely indestructible. Some collars are completely made from dragon bone but are extremely rare. Most are made from bronze or iron. A few are decorative but they are rare. Those made for keeping wizards imprisoned are most often made from iron with the collar locking. Some of the locks are extremely intricate. Of course, the spell "escape" does not work on the collars.

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