Eldnorgar the “Lightning Spear” (Enchanted Spear):

While spears are among the most common weapons, often wielded by levy troops, they can generally considered under represented with enchanted items. The reasoning is simple. Enchanted magic items are commissioned by the wealthy such as nobles. They more frequently wield swords than spears. Otherwise, the only weapons more commonly used than spears are daggers.

Even so, there are a fair number of enchanted spears with a number of tales told about them. One of the more famous ones is Eldnorgar, which is also known as the “Lightning Spear.” Of comparatively recent creation, the spear is suppose to have been crafted for a psi-mystic named Pervesa. A fair number of tales exist about her although as is common, it is hard to know fact from fantasy.

What happened to her is unknown but eventually she appears to have disappeared. Years later it was wielded by a young man, also a Psi-Mystic, who claimed to be her son. There is some speculation that she simply settled down and started a family. Otherwise, he disappeared as well but the spear did not, drifting from owner to owner over the years.

The spearhead appears to be made of silvery metal with the design of lightning bolts engraved into it. In the dark, the blade glows with a slight blue light and tiny lightning arcs can be seen traveling across the blade although not enough to actually shock anybody. The shaft is made from a blue-grey wood which is highly polished and smooth. There are no signs of wear on the spear. Otherwise, it is considered quite a beautiful weapon. This is not the case with all enchanted spears with some being quite plain.

A relatively long weapon, the spear is around eight feet long from tip of the point to base of the shaft. It is considered a masterwork weapon and is exquisitely balanced. As well, the point and blades are extremely sharp. The weapon is generally considered as fine as any weapon ever made by a dwarven master weapon smith.

For enchantments, the spear has a number of relatively uncommon enchantments. It is considered indestructible, which is extremely common, but otherwise the weapon can be commanded so that lightning surrounds the spear point. Additionally, the spear can fire lightning bolts from the tip. Both the lightning abilities are usable three times per day.

Weight: 6.5 lbs (2.9 kg). Length: 8.0 feet (2.4 meters).

Damage: 2D6+6 for Hand to Hand attacks (+Strength, if applicable.)

Increase damage to 5D6+6 (+Strength, if applicable) when surrounded by lightning.

Bonuses: +6 to Damage (Included Above), +2 to Initiative, +2 to Strike, +2 to Strike when thrown, and +2 to Parry.


Cost: Would likely sell between 200,000 to 300,000 Gold (Cost to make similar weapons is around 130,000 Gold.)

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