Silverstring (Enchanted Long Bow):

While Silverstring is believed to be several hundred years old, the enchanted long bow is not a truly ancient magic item. The first owner is believed to be a female elven archer. The legends suggested that she was extremely attractive and that she was the lover of the alchemist who enchanted the bow.

It is unclear what happened to her but the bow is known to have been owned by a variety of archers over the centuries its is believed to exist. It has drifted around the Palladium world and the long bow is believed to have been lost for a short period time. Over the years, Silverstring has gained a reputation where those of evil especially fear the long bow. This is because the long bow is considered to be especially effective against those who follow the forces of evil.

As one might expect from the name of the bow, the string of the bow looks like it is made from silver. There is no visible way of unstringing the bow. Otherwise, the bow looks like it is made from ivory wood. While relatively simple inn design, it is still an extremely beautiful weapon. The only real decoration is that the tips of the bow are in a feather design. There is absolutely no sign of wear on the long bow.

Even without the enchantments, the long bow is extremely well balanced and archers will find themselves able to get more out of themselves than they might normally expect. Silverstring is the kind of bow which the finest of elven crafters might make.

As far as enchantments, in common with many enchanted bows, the bow adjusts to the strength of the archer. It takes a few days to adjust but stronger archer find that the bow feels right for whatever strength they are. In addition, when an arrow is fired, it seems to find is way deeper into the target than one might explain simply from the draw strength of the bow itself. When used against targets who are considered evil, the long bow inflicts twice the damage which it does against targets which are considered evil. Finally, Silverstring appears to be indestructible.

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