Serpent Belt (Enchanted Belt):

These belts appear to be metallic, commonly of gold, silver, copper, or bronze. Some can be made from more exotic metals. One end of the belt is in the shape of a serpent's head. Various different kinds of snakes are represented in this manner including cobras and rattlesnakes. Often the eyes will be made from gems. In most cases, they are worn wrapped around the owner's body several times. The belts are extremely fashionable in some circles, especially worn by noble ladies.

These items are similar in many respects to Guardian Stones. No matter the appearance, the belt has the same abilities. When commanded, the belts animate as a serpent and attack who the possessor commands them to attack. Unlike Guardian Stones, the serpent does not change very much in size. The bite of these snakes is the chief means of attack with the bit being poisonous. As well, they can spit poison into the eyes of a target. If destroyed, these belts remained mangled metal. Otherwise, all of the Serpent Belt's S.D.C. is restored when it transforms back into a belt.

Only a relatively small number of alchemist know how to create these belts. As a result, they can be quite expensive and are extremely rare. They are most common in the Western Empire.

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