Goldfire’s Plate Armor (Magical Plate Armor):

This enchanted plate armor was created several centuries ago for a female knight named Faythe Migrano although she was more commonly called "Goldfire." Some stories tell that she was a Paladin not a knight. At the same time as the armor, a matching claymore sword was crafted. In her time, she was extremely famous and most sources agree that there were few her equal in the sword. Supposedly she was blond haired and blue eyed as well as being extremely attractive. The stories of her battles have been retold and some are believed to be pure fiction. She has become a folk hero to many people. While of noble birth, many stories tell of her extreme fairness and equal treatment of anyone, whatever their station. Some scholars believe that while her skill in the sword was as great as stories make her out to have, she was actually far less noble than stories tell and that she had little patience for those who were not of noble blood. It is not really clear where she lived. There have been so many stories written that it is unclear what stories are real and what are not. Even the land of origin has become obscure. Some scholars believe she came from the Western Empire while others have her from the Eastern Territory.

At first, the armor is believed to have been carried by the female knight's family. There the story of the armor becomes unclear. Some believe that the armor was lost while others believe that the family fell on hard times and the armor was sold to pay debts. It is a fact that the family fell on hard time and disappeared from history. It is not even entirely clear where the family lands were. Some scholars believe that the records may have been specifically been destroyed because the family came to dishonor. Since the armor left the hand of the original owner, it has passed through a variety of hands. The magic of the armor seems to only allow it to be worn by women. Some have been knights although it has ended up in the hands of a simple mercenary in the past. Generally the armor and the matching sword has been possessed by the same individuals but the two items have been separated in the past. Each time, the possessor of each item has tried to find its match.

The plate armor is incredible crafted and there are few the equal of the golden armor in beauty. The armor is gold in color and is polished to an incredible shine which never dulls. There is a design on the front of the armor of large diamond shapes. The plate mail is designed to be form fitted and restricts the movement of the wearer very little compared to normal plate mail. It appears to be of Dwarven craftsmanship and is highly articulated. The magic of the armor enable it to form to fit any woman although the magic seem to have been designed in such a way that it will not form to fit the form of a man. The chest of the armor is designed so it does not crush the chest of a woman wearing the armor.

Like many enchanted armor, the plate armor is incredibly tough but the armor also appears to have the ability to regenerate damage. Because of that, many believe that the armor was made in the Western Empire. It has almost been destroyed several times but each time the armor has repaired itself. The armor is weightless when worn and does not restrict the wearer in any way. It also appears to form to fit the wear as long as the wearer is female. Finally, the armor has the spectacular ability to burst into flames.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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