Hood of the Wolf (Enchanted Hood):

This enchanted hood is extremely popular with scouts because of the abilities the item imbues on the wearer. The cowl enhances the senses of the wearer of the hood, sense of sight, sense of smell, and sense of hearing. The ability of sight is equal to the spell of "Eyes of the Wolf." While the enchantments have no duration, they are only active when the cowl is worn over the head. These items are most commonly found in the Eastern Territories and Timiro Kingdom. It is extremely rare elsewhere.

The hood appears to be the full head of a wolf with the top half of the wolf's skull. It is tanned with the fur of the wolf intact as well as the eyes, ears, and even the eyes of the creature. The cowl half shadows the face of the wearer of the hood. There is rumor that the hoods are made from the head of a Wolfen which has lead to some hatred from the wolf like creatures against those who wear these hoods although the alchemists who sell these hoods deny the rumor.

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