Quills of Messaging (Miscellaneous Magic Items):

These are magical sets of quills that have recently been introduced. They seem to have originated in the Eastern territories, but are quite common in the Western Empire as well. They are similar to Quills of Endless Ink, but have another function as well.

One quill of the set is used to write a message on paper/parchment, but before the message a glyph that signifies the start of the message is written like a title, then the message is written. This message can be up to 3 pages in length, and then an ending glyph must be written at the bottom of the last page.

After this all the sheets must be burned together. Once the pages start to burn the other quill of the set will begin to stir, as the pages burn the second quill that has begun to vibrate and move around will leap up and write on the nearest piece of paper or parchment available. It will copy what was written on the burning papers word for word, and in the handwriting of the author as well.

If no paper or parchment is available (within 10 feet or so) the quill will become inactive, but the message is not lost. Is the owner of the quill uses a certain power word then the quill will write older messages. Up to 10 messages can be stored like this, but once written they are gone from the quill.

Certain sets of quills will only respond to the owner. This is done by using the quill to write the beginning and end glyphs on the hand of the owner. This will prevent anyone else from using the quill unless the glyphs are erased from the hand of the owner. This can be done willingly or forced.

The quills appear to be ordinary quills except that they have small glyphs written along their length.

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