Blue Star (Rune Spear):

It is believed that Blue Star dates from when the Elven Kingdom was at its zenith. Legends tell of an Elven warrior, perhaps a ranger, first carrying the weapon. Who made the weapon is a mystery like with many other rune weapons. If it has ever told a wielder, they have not passed it on to others. It is believed that the spear was carried in the family for many generations. Some scholars speculate that they may have been the bearers of the spear for five to eight millenniums. There is some dispute at what happened next. Some researchers believe that the spear was stolen by thieves while others think that the final wielder of the spear lost his life, and the spear, during one of the most bloody battles of the Elf and Dwarf war.

While not one of the most famous of the rune weapons, it is well enough known and has been carried by a number of adventurers over the millenniums since the collapse of the Elven Kingdom. Both men and women have carried the spear and many races have numbered among the wielders of the spear. Elves seem to predominate and historians suspect that at least a couple of possessors have been changelings from piecing together the history of the spear. No Dwarves and none of the less civilized races, such as Orcs, Goblins, and Ogres number in the races who have carried the spear. Some scholars speculate a dislike for Dwarves stemming from the time when the races of Elves and Dwarves fought each other almost to extinction. Many of the possessors have also been extremely free of spirit although in most cases their motives seem mostly good. As might be expected, most have been rangers but few have been knights. There have been a handful which have been psi-mystics and mind mages although few have been warlocks or wizards.

Those who have possessed the spear and described a bit about the personality seem to support that the personality seems more Elven than anything else. It seems to have plenty of stories to tell but when wielders are asked about the weapons history before its first recorded history, they fall silent. Some scholars have speculated that the spear may not remember a time before then. It seems amiable enough with most of possessors and like many of its wielders, appears to be a free spirit. It may sometimes suggest bending the rules but appears to have very little malignancy about it. It does not like to bicker although does like to tease. Even though obviously a weapon of war, it does not like to talk about battles too much but instead families, the beauty around it, and other less warlike endeavor. When asked about dwarves, the spear seems to simply avoid talking about them, not giving an opinion one way or the other. Even so, there is a seaming sensation of hurt behind it. While it is never known to have been carried by a Dwarf, it is believed that at least one adventure, an Elf, had a companion who was a Dwarf and they remained friend even after the Elf gained the spear.

Blue Star appears to be made from a single piece of metal, shaft and head and the two blend together with no seam. Even though seemingly made from a single piece of metal, the spear surprisingly light and is extremely well balanced. The spear is made from light blue grey metal and tiny runes can be seen running along the length of both the shaft and the head of the spear. The runes act to make the spear easier to grip than if it was completely smooth. The tip of the spear is basically an elongated diamond shape with the runes running through a wide groove down the center. The edges of the spear are extremely sharp, even though many millenniums old, and can easily run a person completely through.

Like all rune weapons, Blue Star shows no signs of the ages it has been through. It looks as if it is still new and is indestructible. Other than the basic enchantments, the spear is enchanted so that it can be thrown much further than a normal spear. There are stories of the spear being thrown the kind of range one might expect from an arrow shot from a short bow. As well, the spear returns to the wielder after it has been thrown, landing right back in his or her hands.

The spear has magical abilities, those of the air elements. There are stories about the spear creating gasses which caused those around the wielder to collapse, becoming fast asleep instantly. Another ability seems to be to be able to sucks such gasses away. There is a story, which most scholars discount, of the spear actually sucking away an anti-magic cloud. The wielder can surround himself with lightning where anyone getting near them will be badly shocked and in many cases be stunned. The possessor is also able to direct lightning from the sky. The wielder has the ability to produce small gusts of wind which are effective at knocking down opponents. As well, they can create a small whirlwind, almost like a miniature tornado.

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