Scabbard of Poison (Miscellaneous Magic Items):

It is well known that bladed weapons, such as knives and sword, can be enchanted so that they are poisoned. What is less well known is that there is also enchanted scabbards which when a blade is sheathed in the scabbard, they are poisoned. When drawn from the scabbard, the blade is coated in poison. These enchantment, like the enchantment on a blade have up to three activations per day.

These scabbards have to be for the type of weapon that is sheathed in them and are often custom made for a specific weapon. As one might expect, the scabbards are most popular with assassins although they are popular with nobles in many circles as well. The scabbards worn by some nobles can be highly decorated. Due to the stigma of these scabbards, only a few alchemists will make them. Most are in the Western Empire and are often cultivated by assassin guilds.

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