Bane Arrows (Magical Arrows):

These arrows are only made by a handful of alchemists and all are believed to reside within the Western Empire. Generally an alchemists will not admit to making these because these have a fell reputation. Generally, one must know somebody who the alchemist knows and be vouched for. In addition, many assassin's guilds have dealings with alchemists who will craft these arrows. As well, these arrows are extremely expensive which means that few can actually afford them.

Due to the fell enchantment on these arrows, they are quite popular with assassins. If it becomes know that a person has one of these arrows, most will assume that they assassins themselves. A less than reputable mercenary might use these arrows but even that is rare. Even though generally used by assassins, these arrows should not be confused with the more common "Assassin's Arrows."

In most cases, these arrows are made from glossy black wood with a black head and black feathers. The head usually comes to a wicked point to go deep in its victim. Most of these arrows are made for short bows or cross bows. Rarely are they crafted for a long bow. As with many enchanted items, the arrows are of the finest quality with exquisite balance. They appear to be of fine elven or dwarven creation.

It is due to the main enchantment that these arrows are extremely popular among assassins. The victim of one of these arrows will not heal wounds from these arrows through normal means and will often catch ill quickly from the effects of these arrows. They will have an intense fever and without magical or psychic healing will almost surely die. Often an assassin can hit a target even with just a graze and they will find themselves slowly dying if they cannot find a healer.

Unlike "Assassin's Arrows," these arrows are meant to be reused. In addition to the main enchantment, the arrows will also return after being fired. They do't fly back but instead teleport back to the person firing the arrow after it strikes. In some cases, they can be used multiple times in the same engagement. These arrows are also indestructible.

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