Sword of the Black Rose (Magical Long Sword):

"Tyranny will come to swallow all the lands and cover them with storm clouds. The Tyrant will rule from the west, a great nation not equaled in power since the time when the Elves rule. Blood will run as river and all will despair. From the very loins of this tyrant, a woman will be born, a heroine like the world has rarely known, a precious rose who will stand up to her father and free the lands. Already gird in the black rose armor and carrying the black rose shield, she will find the long lost sword, a black rose decorating the guard. Joined together, they will serve her in her hour of need."

Excerpt from the "Legend of the Black Rose"

Back in the early days of the Western Empire, there was said to be a family who used the black rose as their symbol. Some even say that through magic, they were able to grow roses which the flower was literally black. There is no record of the name of the family, some believe the name of the family was literally erased from history. There were few noble houses which were as wicked as them. They ruled their subjects with an iron fist, treating them worse than slaves. Abuse of every kind, raiding their own subjects, and completely ruinous taxes. Many are said to have starved to death while the family lived in luxury. Much of what they squeezed from those below them went to building a powerful army to keep those below the family powerless and without hope. When not crushing their own subjects, the army was used to increase the lands of the family. They also pretended nobility when subject to those who they perceived as being more powerful than them, they likely plotted their overthrow as well. Many members of the family were said to be powerful wizards and psychics.

Legends tell of a daughter, a woman with skills as a general like few before her and since. She became their war leader, conquering nation after nation for her family. In one of her early battles, she is thought to have captured the "Headdress of Omadara" from a powerful sorceress who was hired to stop her armies. Fairly early in the daughters exploits, although after capturing the headdress, she is said to have commissioned three magic items. One was a set of armor, another was a shield, and a final was a sword. To the concern of her family, she showed a tendency to treat the lands she captured far better than their other field generals. She did not allow her troops to raid indiscriminately and was said to have actually killed one of her soldiers she caught raping a prisoner. It is said that she used her own sword in the deed and did not shirk her duties and responsibilities as she saw them.

It is unclear why, some of her life appears to have been lost, but she turned against her family. There has been a huge amount of speculation on this. Some suggest that she met someone and fell in love. Perhaps that person was later killed by another family to avoid their influence. Some think that she might have found Isis or Rurga and dedicated herself to the deity. She led an army in rebellion against her parents, fighting them back inch by inch. Her family did not care how many they killed in the war and it is said that thousands if not tens of thousands perished. They are stories of her family throwing mind controlled woman and children against her daughters army. Eventually, she fought them to the gates of their castle and in a protracted battle was able to bring them down. There is a hill with some scattered stones where the castle was suppose to have stood but no other signs. Many scholars believe that she was killed in the final battle but not before she cast down the last of her family. No matter what the truth is, her legend appears to end there.

After the battle, it appears that the sword, shield, and armor disappeared. The shield and armor eventually found themselves into others hands but the sword has not been seen since the final battle. An early tale was that her body was buried but eventually a new legend was born. Some believe it came in a mystic's dream. The story is that all three will be united in the hands of a great knight. Of course this has led to many knights spending their whole lives in the quest to find all three items. A further legend is that this possessor will be a daughter of an Emperor, an emperor who is as evil as the worst who came before him, and with these items, she will overthrow her father. As a result of this legend, some scholars think that an Emperor hid the sword although few will even dare to whisper it. It is even possible that the emperor did not tell those who inherited his throne and that no one knows the location or the sword or that the location is listed in some forgotten tome.

The "Sword of the Black Rose" is said to be standard long sword, or knight's sword, in its basic shape. Of course none have seen it for many ages so it cannot be certain to look like this. It is said that the whole sword is black. One each side of the guard is said to be a black rose and the pommel is said to be a smaller rose, also black. The roses are suppose to be highlighted in silver with silver designs of rose vines growing along the blade and down the hand grip. The slender blade is said to be extremely sharp and incredibly balanced, equal to that of the finest Dwarven weapon crafter. It is also said to come to an incredible tip which makes the sword just as useful for stabbing as slashing.

There are a number of enchantments which are attributed to the sword. The first, in common with many magical swords, is that it is said to be indestructible. The second is that it is said to be inhumanly sharp and able to cut through materials with a slice which normally would take all the force of the wielder. Some scholars wonder if an Emperor might have had a curse laid on the sword as well.

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