Armor of the Shadow Dragon (Magical Plate Armor):

It is unclear when exactly this armor was made but it is said that there is a fantastic set of black plate armor made from the blood of the dragon god "Styphon the Black." It is believed by many scholars to be ancient, perhaps thousands of years old but the alchemist who made the armor is also unknown. The style does not appear to match that of any other armors.

There are a few other suits of armor reputed to have been forged from the blood of dragon gods but they are extremely rare and valuable. Often these armors are considered to be worth a fortune. Some scholars believe that the armor was originally created for a black paladin or priest of darkness serving the fell dragon god. Of course not having a date of creation makes it hard to tell for sure. What is known is that the armor is often worn by those who worship Styphon the Black.

The armor is a suit of black plate armor. The armor is both quite attractive yet repellant at the same time. It is of extremely fine workmanship, equal to the best dwarven armor craftsman. The helmet of the armor appears to be stylized to remind one of a Night Stalker Dragon skull. The armor itself has design of dragon scales mixed with design of bones as if to both make one think of a Night Stalker dragon while also thinking about death and perhaps a hint of necromancy.

One of the enchantments on the armor makes it able to fit most wearers although limited to those from the size of dwarves to those the size of an ogre. It would not fit a gnome on the lower end or a troll or giant on the upper end. It will size to fit both male and female wearers. Otherwise, the armor fits perfectly and has almost no encumbrance to the wearer. The armor is lightweight, almost weightless.

Due to being made from the blood of Styphon the Black, the armor is able to withstand a huge amount of damage, more than most suits of plate armor. It is not as tough as a suit of armor made from the dragon goddess Zandragal might be however. The black armor has the ability to regenerate any damage it takes although it is believed that if the armor is destroyed, the enchantment will be dispelled.

There is an enchantment of shadow meld on the armor. When activated, the wearer will completely disappear into shadows and is extremely hard to see. Because of this, individuals who like to assassinate from the shadows often will prize the armor. The enchantment can be activated up to three times per day with a duration of twelve minutes per activation.

Stories tell that there is a curse associated with the armor. The curse seems to effect wearers in different ways. Mostly it is a case where it effects some worse than others. In its mildest form, it seems to be a distrust of those around them. Usually, this means that wearer will be extremely weary of those around and be a bit snippy. It usually takes a few months for this to develop. The worse level is a state of intense paranoia of all those around. They will assume that everybody else is out to get them or steal the armor. Often the wearer will react to thwart those around them, often resulting in a huge amount of bloodshed. In some cases but not always what starts as a distrust will develop into paranoia. Especially those of strong will do not fall prey to the curse as often. In some cases, this paranoia seems to occur as soon as they put the armor on for the first time while in other cases it can take months to come to the forefront. Interesting, the curse seems to effect those who are the most evil the most. It is interesting that the curse does not seem to dissuade many from wanting to possess the armor.

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