Shield of the Black Rose (Magical Shield):

Many of the magic items on the Palladium World have their own story. They are priceless artifacts created by Alchemists who know arts which few others do. This shield is no exception. There are stories of a knight in one of the lands which now make up the Western Empire.

There was a noble family who rules the lands with an iron thumb. The serfs who farmed the land were treated than slaves are in many other lands and every copper coin which could be squeezed from the land was used to enrich the family. The symbol of the family was a single black rose. The family used much of the money to build a huge army. This army was used to take over the lands of their neighbors although the "Black Roses" were always careful to keep on good terms with the nobles above them.

One of the daughters was said to have an extraordinary gift for being a general. She led the armies in many battles and was victorious in virtually all of them. She had enchanted armor, sword, and shield made for herself. Each featured the signs of the family, a black rose. Even as her families chief general, she already showed difference in attitude compared to other members of the family. She limited how much her troops were allowed to pillage and severely punished her troops for such things as rape. No one knows what happened, some suggest a religious rebirth, but she came to odds with her own family. She turned against her family and helped form a rebellion against their rule. It is said that she sieged her family in their own castle and eventually cast them down. Some believe that she died in the battle which her parents were destroyed but no one really knows.

After she died, it appears as if her sword, shield, and armor scattered to the four winds. The sword disappeared and none have seen it since that day. Several owners of one of the two remaining items have attempted to gather the other two but none have ever succeeded. There are stories that only in the hands of a great knight will they be united once again. One version of the legend is that the daughter of an extremely evil Emperor of the Western Empire will face off with one of his daughters equipped with all three of the artifacts. Because of this, some say that the Emperors have worked to keep the its out of the hands of a single individual. Some even say that one of the Emperors had the sword hidden where he considered that no one would ever find it.

The Shield of the Black Rose is a kite type shield. The basic color of the shield is a glossy black but is engraved in what appears to be silver. In the center of the shield in the design of a rose with lines making up the design of the rose being in silver. There is no sign of wear on the shield and the magic item is extremely well balanced. The shield is padded and has leather straps to hold the shield.

For all the legends around the shield, the enchantments are very common. The three enchantments on the shield appear to be to make the shield indestructible, that the shield cannot be dropped, and that the shield inflicts more damage when used as a weapon than it would not normally do. While as all shield, the Shield of the Black Rose is meant more for defense than offence, it can be an extremely effective weapon in the right hands.

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