Crystal Fire (Magical Long Sword):

The Alchemist known as Eldron is famous for creating enchanted crystal weapons. Numbered among his creations are the Blue Crystal Swords, Crystal Staff of the Ankh, and Staff of the Phoenix. Each of his creations is as much a work of art as it is a weapons although all of his creations of the finest balance and make incredibly dangerous weapons. Crystal Fire is generally considered one of his relatively minor items but like all of his creations is extremely beautiful and of incredibly high quality. While some people have claimed to see him, there have been no reputable sighting of the skilled alchemist. He knew secrets of enchanting crystal weapons which seem to have been lost in history and as time goes on, his items are getting more valuable. Due to the high value and incredible beauty, the magic items have always been prized by thieves and theft has been a major problem.

Crystal Fire is a slim long sword which appears to be carved from a single piece of red crystal. There are no marks which indicate that the blade, hand guard, or pommel were carved as separate pieces. In fact, there appears to be no tool marks at all. The blade is simple and comes to a sharp point for stabbing. The hand guard is designed in the pattern of flames and the hand grip is in the pattern of overlapping flames. This pattern of flames acts like grooves to make it easier to grip the sword. The long sword is extremely sharp and well balanced. The sword has what appears to be flames burning in the heart of the sword. The glow appears to come from the hand guard. The whole sword appears to glow softly and while only equal to a few candles, illuminating about an 10 foot (3.05 meter) area.

While Crystal Fire is similar to Crystal Heart, it has a major difference in the fact that the sword can shoot fireballs from the blade. When this happens, the glow inside the blade brightens just before the fireball is thrown. The sword is limited to three fireballs per day. The long sword is completely indestructible and is incredibly sharp. As far as known, all of Eldron's creations were enchanted to be indestructible. The reality is that the weapons would likely to be too fragile to be used otherwise.

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