Poisonous Cloak (Enchanted Cloak):

These cloaks are fairly rare but are surprisingly popular even though quite vile in nature. While some see the cloaks as useful professionally, others think it extremely humorous just to poison those around them by touch. There are stories of individuals wearing the cloak and just brushing against others on the street to poison them. Groups commonly wanting to have these cloaks include evil priests, witches, assassins, and evil nobles. As might be expected, the cloaks are especially popular with those who worship Tark the Spider Goddess. The cloaks are considered an honor to wear by members of the temple of Tark. A few thieves and practitioners of magic may wear these cloaks as well. As might be expected, these cloaks are most common in the Western Empire with some Alchemists secretly specializing in the creation of these cloaks.

These cloaks come in a variety of different materials and styles, some are made from simple linen and are of basic manufacture while others are made from silk and are finely woven. Common colors include black, dark grey, and greenish grey. Some cloaks which are worn by the priests of Tark are designed with a spider web pattern through the cloak. There are some rumored to be heirlooms in the church of Tark which have been around for hundreds of years and are considered to be priceless by them.

When not being worn, the cloaks are harmless. It is only when worn that the cloak becomes dangerous. The cloaks are enchanted to act as if they have a contact poison on them. The poison does not effect the wearer of the cloak but effects anyone else who touches the cloak with bare flesh. There are three basic type of poisons which the cloak can be enchanted to have including Numbstrike, Gutwrench, or Witchbane. Anyone touching the cloak, besides the wearer, must save vs contact poison (14 or higher) or be effected by the poison. The cloak does not give the wearer any protection against poisons other than the cloak itself.

The cloaks are extremely tough but are not considered armor. They are considered to have an AR Rating of 8 and an S.D.C. rating of 30. The S.D.C. and A.R. Rating of material is only applicable if someone tries to destroy the cloak. The cloak does not afford the wearer any protection and the wearer will take full damage from any attacks while wearing the cloak. If the cloak is destroyed while being worn, they have to save against poison at -2 (16 or higher) or be effected by the cloak's poisonous ability.

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