Staff of the Weald (Greatest Rune Staff):

The Staff of the Weald is considered by most scholars to be a greatest rune weapon and is an item of immense power. As with most rune weapons, it is believed to be extremely old, dating from long before the great war between the Elves and the Dwarves. Just how old is unknown but there are fragments of tales going back long into the ancient past.

While the staff appears to be a long twisted and gnarled wooden staff, most scholars assume that it is not the true form of the staff. What the true form of the staff is unknown however. Over time, the appearance of the staff has changed a little bit with different twists and gnarling. Still, since the abilities of the staff have remained the same, most assume that the staff is the same one.

There are several theories as to the personality inside the staff. The personality appears to be female but beyond that, some scholars speculate that the spirit was an Earth Elemental Master while others speculate that the spirit is some kind of forest beings such as a Nymph. The spirit does appear to be kind however and only allows those of good and unprincipled alignment to possess it. It will sometimes communicate with its possessor but tells little about its background.

As with all rune weapons, the Staff of the Weald is an impressive weapon and inflicts more damage than one might expect from a quarterstaff. In addition, even though the weapon does not look very well balanced, it is extremely well balanced.

When used against wood, when the staff strikes, it causes the wood to weaken as if effected by rot. This can be used against a target repeatedly to dramatically weaken it. In addition to dead wood, living trees, tree elementals, and tectonic entities are also vulnerable to the rotting effect of the staff.

The Staff of the Weald gives the wielder a couple of innate skills. It appears to do this in the form of feelings transmitted from the staff to the possessor. These include the ability to navigate through the wilderness and the ability to track. Can track both animals and humanoids.

The staff also has a number of more common Earth elemental spells although is not limited to offensive abilities. All of the enchantments are related to wood or plants. Lesser abilities include the ability to make plants grow faster and whither plants. Greater spells include the ability to create an armor of thorns, walls of thorns, animate plants, and pass through defense forests.

This staff does have a side effect / curse. Those who possess the staff for a long period of time tend to become more and more uncomfortable in cities and even large towns and find themselves more and more comfortable in the wilderness. It will become a mild fear after a while with one trigger being large crowds. Most whom have possessed the staff and become bonded with it usually eventually find themselves living in the wilderness.





Communicates with wielder through limited telepathy.










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