Grimfire's Bane (Dragon Slayer Polearm):

Grimfire's Bane is one of the most famous Dragon Slayer's weapons and has found its way into the hands of many warriors of the centuries of its existence. Tales are told about many of the wielders and many of them are considered legendary dragon slayers. Some of them have been knights and paladins while others were simple mercenaries. Still, many wielders are said to have died in the fight against dragons. Wielders are said to go after dragons where ever they are found. Some seem to have become madman in their quest to slay dragons. Legends tell that the weapon has been used to slay over a dozen dragons in total including a very powerful and evil fire dragon who was known as Grimfire. This is how the weapon was suppose to have gotten its name. The Dragon was said to have terrorized towns for centuries before it was finally stopped. Of course, the tales appear contradictory in places so it is hard to tell what the truth really is. Still, the weapon is believed to be extremely feared by dragons. Several times it has been taken by dragons and hidden although the weapon seems to always be found once again.

The weapon itself is a Berdiche, a long bladed pole arm. Like many enchanted weapons, it is extremely well balanced and seems to be the equal of any Dwarven crafted weapon. The blade is constructed of an extremely dark grey metal and is razor sharp. The weapon seems to always find the weak point in a dragon's hide. On each side of the blade is engraved what appears to be a knight stabbing the Berdiche into a dragon which is prostrate before the warrior. The handle is of some kind of glossy black material, maybe wood, but is extremely smooth and it is impossible to tell. Down the length of the handle are straight line grooves to give the wielder a better handhold. Some believe that handle of the weapon si really made from dragon bone. The weapon is completely indestructible so it is impossible to tell what the handle is really made from. Likely if the weapon was not, it would have been destroyed by a dragon long before.

Dragons are extremely dangerous opponents. Some breath fire, some breath acid, while others can gaze on someone and they turn to stone. In addition, many are powerful psychics and have the ability to cast magic equal to the most powerful wizard. The main enchantments on the weapon are designed to protect the wielder from the worst the dragon can throw. The possessor of the weapon is immune to attacks such as breath weapons and a dragon's gaze. It also protects against psychic attacks. Finally, it gives the wielder the wielder great resistance to magic cast by a dragon. Still, many a wielder has died in battle fighting against dragons. The problem is also that wielders of the weapon seem to go after dragons over and over again. Some scholars who have studied the tales on the weapon believed that it is a curse.

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