Gold and Silver Bows (Magical Bows):

Throughout history, archers have always been interested in magical bows although the bow does not usually garner the attention which magic swords usually get. One of the most fantastic of magical bows are known as the Gold and Silver Bows. Gold Bows are long bows while Silver Bows are short bows. Either way, they are considered incredible magical weapons. While still enchanted, they weapons have the ability to transform. Some other bow weapons have the ability to transform but ones which also have additional enchantments are extremely rare. The ability to transform makes the bows far easier to carry than a full sized bow.

There are believed to be around a couple of dozen Gold Bows and about twice as many Silver Bows in existence. Most appear to have been made during when Elves ruled the world although a small number appear to be of more recent creation. Unfortunately for archers, the arts to create these bows seem to be lost although several alchemists have attempted to recreate these items. As a result of the enchantments and rarity of these magical bows, they are extremely prized by their owner. Some have been lost and hese bows can sell for many times what just their conventional enchantments would indicate. Many families have kept these weapons for generations.

As might be expected by the name of the bows, the bows appear to be made from either silver or gold. In retracted form, the bows appear to be simply the hand grip of a bow with just the ends of the bow sticky out from the handle. When commanded, the bow extends outward and a silver string appears between the two tips of the bow. When the bow is tapped, it makes a metallic sound. As well, when fired, the bow makes a metallic twang instead of the normal sound from a bow. Even though the magical bows are undecorated, they are works of arts with form and function combined. The bows appear to be indestructible and show no sign of wear unlike normal weapons. Both Silver Bows and Gold Bows are very similar in appearance with the Godl Bows simply being larger.

Beyond the ability of the bows to transform, the bows are enchanted so that they adjust to the archer's strength. In addition, the bows are extremely well balanced and an archer often finds that they are more accurate with these bows than with any conventional bow with the exception of some of the finest Elven bows. As described previously, these bows appear to be indestructible. When fired, the arrows appear to glow with a magical energy. The arrows penetrate deeper and appear to inflict more damage that can be explained by simply the draw of the bow and the strength of the shooter.

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