Crystal Staff of the Ankh (Magical Quarterstaff):

This magical quarterstaff is constructed from solid crystal and is made by a famous Elven alchemist named Eldron. He was always very reclusive and no one knows what happened to him but none of his magic items can be verified to be younger than 200 years ago. There are some stories which he moved to an island which a large Elven community resides but no one seems to truly know. He specialized in enchanted magic item which incorporated incorporate crystal or were created of solid crystal. Unfortunately, with his disappearance, many secrets about making crystal weapons were lost due to the fact that he never shared with others. While many other alchemists have attempted to duplicate what he did, none have been able to duplicate his art. All of his creations are considered works of art and are much in demand. Unfortunately, this also makes the items often the targets of thieves. He is famous for two enchanted staves, one is the Staff of the Phoenix while the other is the Crystal Staff of the Ankh.

The staff appears to be constructed from a single piece of crystal and is completely smooth. The staff is a gold hue and the head of the staff is an Ankh design with a tear shaped extension in the center of the bulb section of the head. The tear shaped extension glows with what appears to be an internal fire and glows equal to several candles. The staff illuminates an 10 foot (3.05 meter) area. It is believed by some that Eldron was attempting to copy the "Golden Staff of the Magi" or maybe attempt to create a tribute to the powerful rune weapon. No matter what he was attempting, the crystal staff is extremely beautiful. Unlike the "Golden Staff of the Magi", the crystal staff is not covered in any runes or other writings.

While well balanced for fighting, the true powers of the staff are not in melee combat. Still, it is a dangerous weapon and appears to be completely indestructible. Without the enchantments, it is likely the staff would break The other the first time it was struck against anything. The true powers of the staff is the magic which the wielder can cast using the staff. The wielder of the staff can teleport up to five miles. This gives the owner of the staff the ability to escape from a dangerous situation. The second ability is to be able to shoot what appears to be beams of light from the tear shaped part of the staff. As a final ability, the staff acts as a magical energy battery which the wielder can use. The magical energy can be recharged on ley lines and nexus points.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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