Crown of the Lightning King (Enchanted Crown):

Stories tell that this crown was created for a powerful king name Leondre. Stories tell that he had several magic items which each controlled lightning. He is not suppose to have been a practitioner of magic but used magic items. The crown was suppose to be the most powerful items but he was suppose to have a sword, shield, and plate armor which were all suppose to have powers of lightning. The legends are unclear as to when he lived although most place him soon after the collapse of the Elven Kingdom. Some scholars think that the crown was really an item left from the time which the Elves and Dwarves warred against one another. Some favorite legends tell that he managed to stabilized his lands from the utter destruction which rolled across the land. Most consider that he ruled in lands now part of the Timiro Kingdom. There is the ruins of a collapsed castle which some consider to have been his fortress. There is little left of it today although several groups of adventures have dug into the hill it was built on to look for treasure.

It is believed that the King had two sons, one legitimate while the other illegitimate. Their was said to have had a wandering eye and fathered many children. The legitimate son inherited the crown but the illegitimate son was said to have fought his brother for the lands. Some stories tell that the illegitimate son craved power while others tell that the legitimate brother was evil and oppressed his subjects. In these stories, the illegitimate son was a heroic figure and just could not stand by. A new wave of destruction engulfed the lands with neighbor fighting neighbor and town burned to the ground. Some say that creatures such as the Ogres and other creatures were recruited. There are also legends that dark magic was used. Some tales end with the two brothers fighting in single combat with both falling from each others swords. Most tales tell that the kingdom collapsed with the death of the two brothers.

Many tales tell that The crown, among the king's other items seemed to have become scattered. Some tell that they were taken as spoils while others say that they were snuck away by the last loyal knights to the king. Over the ages, each of the Lightning King's have found their way into a variety of hands. These have included both nobles and kings. Several who carried these items declared themselves king after carving out their own lands. There are tales that there have even been several minor wars fought for possession of the crown between nobles. Several kings and nobles are said to have worn the crown into battle and the crown lost in those same battles. It was suppose to have been in the possession of a minor noble a couple of centuries ago and he wore it into battle. He is suppose to have never been seen again along with the crown. Many adventures have looked for the crown since but none have been successful.

The crown is said to be made from silver which never appears to tarnish. Around the crown are the designs of lightning bolts in white gold which are raised reliefs. The crown is suppose to be decorated with flawless sapphires of the deepest blue. Around the crown are suppose to be twelve smaller sapphires of around a half dozen carets but the center sapphire is suppose to be huge, as large as two dozen carats. Even without its enchantments, the crown is said to be a work of art and worth a fortune.

The lesser ability of the crown is that if anyone wears the crown, they are immune to all lightning, both normal and magical in nature. This enchantment appears to have no duration. The greater power is that the wearer of the crown can create ball lightning up to three times per day for a duration of up to ten minutes. A total of six balls are created at a time and these balls will orbit around the wearer of the crown. These balls can be thrown one at a time and return the next melee round. As long as three balls orbit around the wearer of the crown, a powerful electrical field protects the wearer of the crown. Anyone who tries to enter the field will get fried when they try to enter and the field protects against arrows and other missile weapons as well. Unless the projectiles are indestructible or are otherwise not effected by lightning, they will be turned into ash. If less than three balls remain, the electrical field will collapse and the wearer of the crown will lose this protection.

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