Silver Spear of Ildesshin (Lightbringer Rune Spear):

While spears are among the most common weapons seen on the battlefield, they are comparatively few enchanted spears. Holy weapon spears are even less common. Rune spears are even less common along with Lightbringer spears. Still, there are a handful fo famous ones.

Among Lightbringer weapons, the Silver Spear of Ildesshin is one of the most famous. Most scholars consider this spear to have been made thousands of years ago by the God Thoth. Some suggest the spear was made on behalf of Isis for one of her priestess but it is hard to tell. Stories about the weapon appear to go back several thousand years. It has been known by a variety of names over the eras.

It is believed that the spear was lost for a great many years before. As far as more recent history, the weapon has been carried by a number of adventurers. One of the most famous started out as a simple farmer named Ildesshin. It is said that she rediscovered the weapon and it was given her name in most of the later writings on the spear. Eventually, she rose to be a great warrior. The weapon has also been carried by a number of priestess and knights. Most have been in the service of Isis.

The spear, as are many holy weapons, is a work of art. The broad head of the spear is a highly polished silver. It is polished to the point that the head is almost a mirror. On the head are hieroglyphics of an ancient style. They are so ancient that their meanings are effectively lost in time. Using magic to decipher them, they are magical power words. The shaft is also of a silver material but not as highly polished as the head itself. Even though the weapon is believed by most to be many thousands of years old, it shows absolutely no sign of wear.

Like most “Lightbringer weapons” but unlike most more conventional rune weapons, the spear does not seem to have a strong personality. The weapon has not been known to communicate with possessors beyond an occasional bad feeling from time to time. It will however bond with a possessor after six months. As well, those who attempt to use the weapon who are of evil or anarchist creeds will be shocked when they attempt to grab the weapon.

It is balanced as if it were made by the finest of Dwarven weapon craftsman. The spear is also extremely sharp and is considered the equal of most more conventional rune weapons. Some Lightbringer weapons do not inflict as much damage as the better known rune weapons. As a greater Lightbringer weapon, it has the ability to cast a number of wizard spells. Most of the spells are keyed toward combat. These include the ability to create a mystic armor around the wielder, throw energy bolts, turn the dead, create a blinding flash, sense the invisible, and sense evil. Of course, the spear has a limited amount of mystical energy for spell casting.

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