Javelin Rod (Transformable Weapons):

These unusual magic items are rare due to the fact that they are transformable weapons yet have additional enchantments. Only a small number of Alchemists know how to create these magic items and the secret is heavily guarded. As a result, these magic items are very rare and highly expensive. They are greatly sought after by individuals who prefer the Javelin over bows or crossbows.

In the weapons "Rod" form, the weapon appears to be smooth wood rod which is about three quarters of an inch wide and eight to twelve inches long. The rods are usually dark in color and weigh only about half a pound each. Due to the rod's small size, a large number can be carried. On the side of the rod is a series of runes which spell out the command words to transform the weapon. There is a variety of different command words depending on who created the enchanted Javelin. When the command word is called, the short rod is transformed to a full length Javelin. The Javelins are very sharp and extremely well balanced. When the command word is called again, the weapon will transform back into a short rod.

In addition to being able to transform, the Javelins return when thrown with a range of up to five hundred feet unlike most magical weapons which are limited to little more than one hundred feet. The Javelins are also indestructible although they are not designed to be used as melee weapons. While in "Rod" form, the transformable weapon is also indestructible.

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