Krystaglass (Holy Elven Warsabre / Katana):

Similar in general appearance to the crystal weapons created by the Elven Alchemist Eldron, this weapon is far older and has not been seen by generations of Elves although the legends are often still told among the elder races. Many scholars speculate that the legend of the weapon is what inspired Eldron to create many of his enchanted objects although he has never created a crystal Warsabre. The sword is believe to have been created before even the founding of the great Elven kingdom. At the time, the Elves preferred a long curved single bladed weapon, which has become known as an Elven Warsabre, over more common sword types such as the long sword. Stories tell that the greater holy weapon was created by Kym-nark-mar using his own blood in the creation of the Warsabre. There are several seemingly conflicting stories about the first wielder of the sword. Some tells that the first wielder was a personal friend of the Dragon God while others tell that the first wielder was an Elven paladin who was given it for a great service to the Dragonwright. There is an incredible collection about the sword and there are only two Elven Warsabres as well known, these are Arabelha and Narwen. One is a Holy Sword of Light while the other is a Rune Weapon. The crystal sword has been carried by an incredible number of heroes and servants of light. The most common wielders have been Paladins but the sword has been wielded by all character classes with the only requirement being that they are servants of light. A few humans and memeber of other races have wielded the sword, but virtually all the possessors have been elves. There are few stories about the sword during the Dwarf and Elf Wars, leading many scholars to believe that the sword might have been lost for a time during the wars. About a thousand years ago, the Holy Weapon was lost with some legends putting it in the Northern Wilderness while others put it in the Old Kingdom Mountains or the Yin-Sloth Jungles. There are even a few tales that the sword was retrieved by Kym-nark-mar to be held until he finds someone worthy. Adventurers have been chasing rumors for centuries but nobody has come back with the holy weapon and many have never come back from their quests for the sword.

Krystaglass is an extremely beautiful and delicate appearing weapon. The general style of the weapon is similar to that of a Japanese Katana. One difference between the Elven Warsabre and most sabers is that the spine is sharpened for about one fifth of the length of the blade to make a better stabbing weapon. The sword appears to be constructed from a single piece of crystal and there are no juncture lines between the blade, hand guard, and handle. In a engraved design on the blade is an incredibly detailed design of a rose vines with tiny roses. The sword is incredibly sharp and shows absolutely no signs of wear. Four inches forward of the hand guard is a thorn like ridge as additional protection for the wielder's hands. Detailed into the slim hand guard are the designs of roses as well. The handle slightly curves forward and is designed to be used comfortably with either one hand or two. Wrapped around the handle is the design of roses and vines. In addition to being incredibly aesthetic, the design makes it easier to grip the handle.

The sword is considered one of the sharpest weapons ever created. It is known to cut through virtually any material as if it is cobwebs. An opponent wearing even the heaviest armor will find that the sword will slash right through the armor and the wearer, inflicting huge amounts of damage to both. This also makes the sword virtually impossible to parry without an indestructible weapon. This super sharpness is believed to be due to being "forged" from the blood of Kym-nark-mar. While already incredibly effective against mortal opponents, it seems to harm supernatural opponents even more. Like most Elven Warsabres, the balance of the sword is incredible. In addition to the incredible ability to inflict damage, the sword has the ability to heal by touch. This healing touch is limited to six times per day and can be used to heal either the wielder or others. The sword has a dim blue glow inside of it and when an evil being approaches, the blue glow gets much brighter, brightly lighting inside the weapon, to give the wielder a warning.

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