Repel Vermin Ring (Enchanted Ring):

Obviously, pests are a problem in daily life. Flies, mosquitos, and ticks are problems for the common peasant, wealthy merchant, and powerful noble. Adventures, of course, are plagued by them. As such, it is something which you might expect alchemists to create magic items for. The repel vermin spell can be placed on a ring which while worn, the wearer is protected from most types of vermin. The big difference for the spell is that the magic does not have a duration.

The magic works to keep all vermin from a person's body or clothing. The enchantment works on small creatures such as fleas, mosquitos, ticks, flies, and spiders although not limited to those creatures. It does not protect from microscopic parasites and does not protect from illness or disease. Of course in driving away vermin, it does work as partial protection. For example, the magic protects from fleas which means they will not get bitten by them which may carry such disease as Yersinia pestis. It should be noted that the enchantment simply drives any creatures off the body and clothing of the being effected by the magic, it does not kill them.

It is a quite common magic item and these items come in a wide variety of qualities and shapes. A wealthy noble or merchant might have an extremely beautiful silver or gold ring. A less wealthy individual who can still afford the ring might have a copper or bronze ring. Necklaces of different qualities are also quite common. Hairpins are also a common style especially among noble ladies. There even cases of simple leather wrist bands which are enchanted in this manner. As one might expect, not everybody can afford the item. Those most in need such as peasants cannot afford these items. In addition to rings, there are collars made for animals with this enchantment as well as bridles for horses and other large animals.

Cost: 5000 Gold (Highly ornate versions can cost far more)

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