The Two Sisters (Rune Sabres):

There are few rune weapons which will readily tolerate each other. Two of the most famous are a pair of rune sabres called Narwara and Naidre. Legends tell that the souls in the two swords were twin sisters and the two blades are identical. Hence, the name "The Two Sisters." There are a variety of legends about the origin of the weapons. One of the legends is that they were the daughters of a powerful rune weapon and the daughter were doomed to die and this was the only way he could save them. Another common legend is that the sisters were thieves who attempted to rob a powerful rune master and they were trapped in the rune sabres as a punishment. Reliable legends about the rune sabres go back several thousand years and there are fragments of ancient Elven stories which support the idea that the swords existed long before then. The rune weapons have been separated few times in their history and have never been separated for any length of time. The two sabres are bonded like few other magic items are and they can sense each others presences over vast distances. When one of the sabres is acquired, the sabre will empathically transmit to the wielder and will get them to search for the weapon's twin. Some of the quests to find the companion sabre have lasted years but all have been successful and the companion sword has always been recovered. Wielders have not included any true villains but the swords have found their way into the hands of several who could be considered scoundrels. It should be noted that the twin rune sabres have been carried by well known heroes. For some reason, the swords do not seem to prefer man at arms and most of the wielders have been thieves, wizards, mind mages, and psi-mystics.

The personality of the twin weapons definitely appear female and address themselves as being female. The souls inside the swords also appear to be human and have very earthy type attitudes. Stories tell than many paired rune weapons are virtually uncommunicative with their wielders. While the Two Sisters mostly communicate with each other, they are not mute to their wielder and will often include their wielder in the conversation. Some wielders have found them to be chatty, almost like teenage girls. The two swords have similar personalities but they are not identical. They both believe in skill, speed, and subtlety over brute force. This is likely why the twin sabres prefer not to bond with most men at arms. Most fighters simply do not have much subtlety. The swords have bonded with both males and females and seem to have no preference. The swords involve the wielders in their conversations in different ways depending on their sex. Naidre has a bit more stringent morals than Narwara and is considered of a scrupulous alignment while Narwara has more of an unprincipled alignment. Nawara is also more persuasive than Naidre while Naidre has a stronger willpower. The sabres have only been known to bond with those of scrupulous and unprincipled alignments although can be wielded by those of anarchist and principled alignments. If a wielder only has a single sword of the pair, the sword will not bond with the possessor but will instead try and get the person to hunt for its twin. Only as a pair will the swords bond with a possessor. Like most rune weapons, it takes about six months for the swords to bond with their possessor.

Made from indestructible blue grey metal, the swords are outwardly completely identical. Lining the weapons, from tip of the blade to the base of the pommel, are tiny runes. The rune sabres have a single blade which are slender near the base of the blade and widen slightly near the top. The blade comes to a sharp point so it is an effective stabbing weapon as well as a slashing weapon. The blades are slightly curved like most sabres. Near the base of the blade, on the opposite side to the blade, are three sharp spines which point towards the handle of the sword. The swords have both a knuckle guard and a counter guard for better protection of the wielder's hand. Like the blade and hand grip, the sabres' guards are covered in tiny runes. The hand grip has wide spiral pattern which gives the wielder a good grip on the swords. The tiny runes follow the spiral pattern of the hand grip. At the base of the handle is a simple ball as a pommel. The pommel does not have a button on the bottom.

Like most rune weapons, the Two Sisters are incredibly sharp and are exquisitely balanced. Due to the lack of special abilities, such as being able to cast magic, use psychic abilities, or use clerical abilities, there is much discussion whether the weapons should be considered lesser or greater rune weapons. Even with this disagreement, the swords are very effective and special rune weapons. What they do is boost the wielder's combat abilities and fighting prowess. The wielder can use the sabres as if trained in the use of paired weapons even if they have never trained in the use of two weapons together. As well, the physical speed of the wielder is increased and sword strikes using the swords is almost inhumanly fast.

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