Durgar's Axe (Rune Axe):

During the wars between the Elves and the Dwarves, Durgar was one of the most powerful leaders of the Dwarves. He is known to have been an incredible warrior as well as being a master of rune magics. During the war, he made for himself a powerful rune Battleaxe to help him to defeat the Elves. It is rumored that his brother or son may have volunteered to become the spirit within the weapon. After he finished the axe, he died in one of the largest battles against the Elves. The axe was lost with his body and remained lost for several thousand years. It was not until a group of adventurers from the Western Empire, which was a fairly young nation at the time, went to investigate the battlefield for any artifacts that might have survived. The adventurers had to fight through bandits and monsters on the way to the ancient battlefield. One of the items they found was Durgan's Axe. The adventurers, after a very successful expedition, went back to the Western Empire having had to fight through several ambushes on the way back as well. The Axe was sold by the adventurers for a king's ransom. Since being sold, the axe has traveled between the hands of several famous Dwarves but has also been carried by several humans as well.

No one knows who the spirit in the axe really is but the personality seems to be that of a male Dwarf. The personality will often tell Dwarven stories of truly ancient times. The Axe's personality holds a strong hatred for Elves. He will not attempt to get the wielder to attack Elves on first encounter but will be suspicious of any action, no matter how innocent seeming, of an Elf. The axe does have a sense of honor and considers attacks without case to be dishonorable. In battle, the axe will direct the wielder to attack any enemy elves before anyone else including monster races. It will attempt to get to get its possessor to sever any friendships that they might have with elves and will likely refuse to bond with anyone who has a field who is an elf. The axe will not allow an elf to wield it under any conditions. Durgan's Axe blames Elves for the Dwarves loss of status in the world along with most of the other woes suffered by Dwarves. He will not accept any responsibilities for any of the events. While the axe is of an Aberrant Alignment, it does not consider itself to be evil and will not allow itself to be wielded by those of Miscreant or Diabolic Alignment. However, it will allow itself to be wielded by those of Principled and Scrupulous Alignment. Few of the good alignment will be able to retain the weapon for too long due to the weapons attitudes and hatreds.

For such a powerful weapon, Durgar's Axe is surprisingly plain. The Axe is dark grey and except for the runes running down the entire weapon, it is completely utilitarian. Still, the weapon is of incredible craftsmanship and is very well balanced. The axe has hand grips for a better handhold but the axes head flows into the handle as all one piece. The top of the axe is flat. One side of the axe head is a standard blade which curves down. The other side of the axe head is a spike similar to that of a pick.

The axe seems to have the ability to penetrate any armor that have chinks in it. This, coupled with the fact the weapon is a soul drinker, makes it terrifying to opponents (Can be treated to have a horror factor of 14 if the person knows about the axe). The axe can drink the souls of up to three beings per day. Even without the soul drinking, the weapon inflicts terrible damage to its foes. Just a few blows is known to take down the most powerful of warriors. The axe also has the abilities of both fire and earth elemental magic. Some of the known abilities is the ability to summon creatures of fire or the earth to help in battle. There are also stories of the wielder creating earthquakes and walls of fire.

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