Tarban's Sword (Rune Sword):

While not especially powerful as rune weapons go, Tarban's Sword is quite unique compared to most rune weapons. It is unique in that the weapon can transform from the size and shape of a dagger to that of a claymore and anywhere in-between. The known history of the weapon begins only around four hundred years ago although it is obviously much older. The history begins when it was discovered by a mercenary fighter by the name of "Tarban" and the sword has kept his name every since. It is believed that he discovered the sword in a ruin while adventuring in the Baalgor Wastelands. He carried the weapon until his death almost four decades after discovering the rune weapon. From what is known of him, he could have been described as the quintessential mercenary. He did not appear to be truly evil but was known to not be a very good individual either. He was a very reserved individual that little is really known about. Since his death, the sword has found its way into the hands of both heroes and villains. From all appearances, the sword does not appear to care about the morals of its wielder. There are several different theories among scholars about the actual origin of the weapon. The most popular and the most likely is that the sword was made for a warrior during the Elf and Dwarf wars but was lost soon after being crafted. If the sword knows, it is not telling and it is certainly possible that the weapon itself does not know. Many scholars believe that rune weapons which have no outside contact will go into a kind of torpor and will actually lose memories.

The personality of the sword is very reserved, much like its first known owner, and rarely telepathically transmits to its wielder. It is believed that several wielders have asked it about its origin but the sword has never given out any information. The only time which the sword seems to transmit to the wielder is to give suggestions in battle and an occasional transmission of contentment. From the little bits that the sword transmits, it appears that it has an Anarchist but does not care about the alignment of its wielder. There is a school of thought that the sword was not originally of an Anarchist alignment but that Tarban's morals were copied by the sword while it was waking up from its long dormancy.

Even though the sword is exquisitely crafted, the indestructible double edged black weapon is surprisingly plain. Except for the runes running down the length of the weapon, the weapon has no decorations. The hand guard is a simple heavy bar and the pommel is a simple ball with no decoration. The handle itself has grooves for a better grip but is otherwise undecorated as well. As well, the sword has a simple straight blade which ends in a simple point. All this does not stop the weapon from being well balanced in all forms and extremely sharp. Some scholars consider the simple and unadorned nature of the weapon as evidence that the sword was forged in comparative haste compared to most rune weapons and was forged during the Elf and Dwarf wars.

There is debate among scholars about if the weapon should be considered a lesser or greater rune weapon. Beyond the ability to transform, the sword has only manifested the abilities common to all rune weapons. The weapon transforms with the telepathic instructions from the wielder. The sword does not simply get larger or smaller but subtly changes its dimensions to better fit a weapon of its size. Different wielders have used the transformation ability of the weapon in different manners. Some have preferred to carry the weapon in dagger form and have it transform to a larger sword when drawn but always use the same size of sword. Other wielders have used the weapon in a different form each time they draw the weapon. Some even will transform the weapon several times during the middle of combat. The idea is that constantly using a different weapon will confuse opponents.

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