“Ward Scored” Monster Scale Mail:

Enchanted armors can be extremely expensive, beyond the ability of many adventures and soldiers to buy. Some though do have enough funds to buy what are often considered lesser enchanted armor. These are known as "Ward Scored" armors. Such armors can be made though a combination of ward magic and conventional magic and do not require the skills of an alchemist. In some cases, a wizard and a ward master will work together to make these items while in other cases a practitioner of magic will know both arts.

Such armors can be made from the hide and scales of supernatural creatures and are extremely strong, equal to a high quality suit of enchanted armor. One of the most common suits is a set of monster scale mail which combines such armor material with ward scoring. It is far cheaper than a set of enchanted armor made by an alchemist which gives similar protection. An enchanted suit made by an alchemist would likely cost about twice as much although there are enchantments than an alchemist can give a suit that these armors don't have available to them. As with similar suits, these suits of scale mail are usually repaired by magic and not by conventional means

Most common materials to make these armors are the scales and hide of Beast Dragons and Chimera. Rarely is the hide of dragons or other intelligent creatures used to make these armor. Small scales make the suit extremely flexible around the joints. Most suits are custom made for the wearer of the suit. As such, the amount of movement restriction is minimized as much as possible even though the suits are reinforced to withstand greater damage.

The enchantments of the armor use a dragon bone plate with a permanency ward. Usually this small plate is on the back of the armor and the permanency ward makes the plate indestructible. Most common enchantment is that of weightlessness. The armor effectively weighs almost nothing. Without the enchantments, the armor would weigh almost one hundred pounds. While not all armors have the enchantment, many people who purchase these armors like to use a color ward. Some make the armor a steel grey so that they don't look too unusual, some like silver or gold to make the armor extremely exotic, while some go for a variety of other color including green, blue, or black.

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