Mantle of the Night Stalker (Enchanted Cloak):

Like many of the unique magic items of the Palladium World, the origins of this black cloak is a mystery. There are several reasonable theories including the two most popular. One is that the cloak was produced by the Vampire God Vald-Tegor for a favorite priest or worshiper many century ago. The power of the cloak is similar to that which the god can dispense at his whim on worshipers. Others think that the cloak was made by an Alchemist for the temple about four hundred years before the present day.

The cloak has been in the handles of the temple of Vald-Tegor for most of its history, often worn by the most powerful or favorite priest or priestess of the vampire god. Wearing the cloak is a system of great status within the church. As a result, the mantle is considered an item of priceless value. Interestingly, various temple have attempted to steal the cloak from other temples. Wars have been fought between the temples with the cloak going from one temple to another. As well, thieves have stolen the cloak several times in its history and it has disappeared for decades at a time. It has always been recovered which some priests have indicated that the vampire god protects the cloak from actual harm. The rumor is that it was lost about a decade ago and a pair of high priests seek the cloak.

For such a powerful magic item, the mantle is surprisingly plain. It is a simple flat black hooded cloak which hangs down to the wearer’s knees for a tall man and down around the ankles for a smaller figure. While it appears to be made from silk, it has no decorations of any kind on the cloak. The main power of the cloak is that it makes the wearer immune to most normal weapons as if they are a vampire. Vald-Tegor is well known to give his priest this power to his priest by the cloak wearer always has the ability. The cloak also has the powers of a cloak of shadows and allows the wearer to blend with darkness. The only real weaknesses of the cloak is that none of the powers work when exposed to sunlight, bright or dim. This includes the spell “Globe of Daylight.” It will still work underground even during the day and artificial light has no effect on the cloak's magic.

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