Shallar (Greater Holy Sword):

Shallar is a greater holy sword rumored to have been made by a high priestess of Rurga in the dark times just after the end of the Elf and Dwarf Wars. The power of both of the races was broken and there were increasing numbers of monsters. These monsters were attacking communities more often than even before and the pockets of civilization that survived the wars were under siege. The high priestess was far to old to bear the sword herself so she decided to have one of the younger priestess named Elorna. While Elorna was young, she was very skilled and dedicated. She lead a troop of other priests and paladins to fight back the darkness. While her group was small in number, they did much to boost the spirit of the non-monster races of the lands. She herself became known as the Spirit of Rurga. She died in a battle against creatures that far outnumbered her but was able to drive then back. The weapon was passed to another. Over the ages, the weapon was carried by many individuals, most of which were members of the church of Rurga. Most were either Priests or Paladins and while most were female, not all were. In some cases, the sword was passed down when the wielder died in battle while some wielders lived to old age and passed the sword when they got too old to continue adventuring. Wielders of the sword are suppose to become members of Rurga's army when they die. The sword continued to be passed down until the holy weapon was passed down to a weak and easily corrupted female paladin named Sorya. At the time the sword was passed to her, she seemed to be a model paladin. She was seduced by a Incubus under the orders of the Demon Lords he served. Though him, she became a being of evil and became an Anti-Paladin servant of the Demon Lords herself. The sword kept eating on her conscience so the Incubus suggested she get rid of hit. Where the sword ended up, no one knows for sure. It is know that the demons were unable to destroy the sword. There are rumors that the sword is hidden in an underground temple dedicated to the Demon Lords.

Shallar is know to have a power that no other holy weapons have. This power is that the sword have an unusual kind of empathic reflection. The reflection mostly effects the wielder but effects others around them as well. The sword will help moral in battle among individuals of Principled, Scrupulous, and to a lesser extent Unprincipled alignments. In times of extreme tension, such as when in battle, the sword will trigger the sub-conscience to help the person deal with the fear. This ability effects the wilder and those on his or her side for a 20 foot radius. The inspiration usually comes in the form of a song that goes through their brain. The song is not generated by the sword but by the person's mind. The song will be one which inspires the person and will vary from person to person. It will not even be the same song in one group that is inspired together. A priest might hear a religious song while a knight might hear the anthem of his or her nation. A way to think about the ability of the sword is to consider the inspirational effect of playing "The Star Spangled Banner" to a group of American troops while they are embattled. Mind Block and similar abilities will protect an individual form the distance effects of the weapon but will not protect those who hold the sword. The sword also has an effect of the wielder against evil thoughts and actions. Thoughts of evil are reflected back at the wielder in the most mild form as guilt. In the more powerful form, the person will feel like they are the target of their own aggression. It does not matter if the person actually does the action or just things about it, the wielder will feel them directed at him or her. The reflections of their evil thoughts and deeds will slowly build up in the person until they are always nervous and jumpy. As well, they will have trouble sleeping. Eventually, the wielder will decide to get rid of the sword due to these pressures or their alignment will change to conform to the sword. It is likely that a being of Unprincipled or Aberrant alignment will change to being Scrupulous or Principled alignment. It will also keep most beings of good alignment from changing. These effects cannot be blocked by Mind Block. Before Sorya was corrupted, several other wielders of the sword were tempted but were able to resist with the help of the Holy Weapon. The Incubus had to work very hard to convert Sorya and he had to be very patient and devious.

The remainder of the sword are more conventional in nature although the sword seems to be even stronger than most holy weapons and seems to basically be indestructible. The sword can heal by touch both the wielder and others although limited to six times per day. The sword was designed as a battle weapon and delivers terrible wounds to opponents and is especially effective against magical and supernatural beings.

While two handed swords are the favorite weapon of Rurga, Sheller is a long sword. The sword is extremely well balanced and is equal to Dwarven craftsmanship of the highest order. The actually appearance is fairly plain with little engraved designs on the sword. The only engraving is a design on the bottom of the blade by the hilt of scales over a black walnut leaf. The hand grip of the sword is very dark walnut grooved for a better hold with the blade and remainder of the handle being made from grey steel.

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