Crystal Ghost Harp (Enchanted Harp):

Stories tell of greater magic instruments. Fairly common are magical instruments which any who play the instrument play as if they are a true bard. The greater instruments are said to give far more abilities than just this. One of the most well known is the "Ghost Harp." Many stories have been told about the instrument and about the incredible powers which the item is said to have. It is believed to have been made by an Elven alchemist who was also an extremely skilled bard. Most stories credit the item as being from the time when the Elven Kingdom was at its zenith. Unfortunately, all there are legends about this item and there is no confirmed information about the item for over a millennium. Periodically, a new rumor about where the harp might be located surfaces. Adventures will often travel to the ends of the Earth following the rumors. Many nobles have said to have been willing to pay a kings ransom for it. As well, many master bards have went to search for this item themselves, hoping to possess this incredibly beautiful item.

To describe the item as incredibly beautiful could be considered an understatement. Some consider it to be one of the greatest treasures of the Palladium World. The ghost harp is made from some type of white translucent crystal with each of the strings made from clear crystal. Stories tell that the item shows absolutely no sign of wear or damage even though it is thousands of years old and stories indicate that it has been through some extremely hot situations. As a result, most scholars believe that the item is basically indestructible. The centerpiece of the harp appears to be the figure of a woman somehow ethereal. Slender like that of an Elf, she is dressed in robes which appear to be blowing in the winds. Some scholars believe that the figure is that of the beloved of the creator of the harp.

The sound from the harp is incredible and never needs tuning. There are no pins to tune the harp anyway. All people who pick up the harp, skilled or not, seem to be able to play the harp. Those with some skill in the harp play the instrument equal to a great master, even those who are rank amateurs. Still, this is a basic power shared by many enchanted musical instrument. The true powers of this harp are with regards to spirits and ghosts. The lesser ability is that the Harp allows the player to communicate with spirits. Usually, the spirit will talk through the harp itself. With this ability, the wielder of the harp can communicate with spirits for up to thirty minutes. The second ability it to control and enslave entities. There is no ability to summon these entities. This ability has a much longer duration with a duration of up to twelve days. Both abilities are able to be used three times per day.

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