Sulas Iset “Golden Spear of Isis” (Greater Holy Spear):

Unlike many other magic items, the history of this spear is fairly clear. It is only several hundred years old and was made originally for a priestess of Isis named Denthera. She carried it for several dozen years before passing it on to another.

Since she passed the spear on, the magic items has been carried by a number of prominent worshipers of the Goddess including several other priests and priestess and several knights and paladin. It was once lost for several decades but was able to be recovered.

The head of the spear appears to be made from a golden metal although far stronger than gold. In fact, the weapon appears to have no signs of wear even thought it is hundreds of years old. Coming to an extremely sharp point, the spear is double bladed. As far as designs, the head of the spear have red material inlaid into it. In addition, on either side of the head, there is the cartouche of the goddess Isis. The shaft of the spear does not appear to be made from wood but instead appears to be made of the same golden metal which the head is made from. There are small grooves along the metal shaft so that the wielder’s grip does not slip.

As far as balance, the weapon feels like it is made by a master weapon crafter. Only the finest of Dwarven weapon smiths can make similar weapons. One wielding this golden spear will find it exquisitely balanced in one’s hand and will likely find themselves able to fight with it better than any spear that they might have ever used in the past.

The spear has a number of different enchantments. Already extremely sharp, the enchantments make the spear inflict even greater damage. In fact, it rivals lesser rune weapons as far as its ability to inflict damage. The enchantments on the weapon make it especially effective against both supernatural and creatures of magic opponents. In addition to being a warrior goddess, Isis is also know for her abilities of healing and turning the dead. The spear also has these abilities. Often it can turn upwards of twenty animated dead at a time. In addition, it can heal injuries up to six times per day.

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