Shield of the Thunder Dragon (Magical Shield):

This item, like many magic items is believed to be an artifact of the Great Elven Kingdom which fell many millenniums previously. There are scraps of tales which seem to tell of the shield at that time but it is hard to be truly sure. In the last thousand or so years, the history of the shield becomes clearer. Several famous adventurers have carried the enchanted shield and several famous military leaders and great warriors have even carried. It has disappeared from history on occasion but has always been rediscovered. About a hundred years previous, it was though lost but was actually found on the wall of a tavern in the Eastern Territory. It was thought by the tavern owner that the shield was a non-magical copy of the shield and not the actual item. There is no clear story on how the shield got on the wall of the tavern. There have been many copies of the shield made although most are unenchanted. Some are based on guesswork while others look virtually identical to the original shield. Due to the age and extreme beauty of the shield, it is considered extremely valuable.

The shield is a medium sized metal shield which is of a bluish metal with the shield rim in silver. Like many creations from the time of the Elven Kingdom, the enchanted shield is an incredible work of art. The shield is in basically a kite style and has the design of a dragon head in the middle of the face of the shield. It appears to be that of a Thunder Lizard but is highly stylized and decorative. The shield shows no signs of its long history. No nicks or scratches mar the shields surface. A normal shield will rarely last more than one battle showing quite clearly that the shield is quite indestructible. The shield feels fairly lightweight although it does have a bit of weight to it. Still, it is exquisitely balanced and is the equal of virtually any shield made. The padding of the shield is also enchanted has never needed to be replaced. The padding appears to be made from silk along with the stapps being leather which are padded in silk as well.

In addition to being indestructible, the shield is enchanted with two powerful enchantment. The first is that whenever the shield is stuck or is swung against another, a loud thunderclap can be heard. That thunder appears to reverberate and inflict greater injury or damage than one might expect from a shield bash. Of course, the thunder can be heard by everyone around and removes much chance for the wielder to be stealthy. The second enchantment is that a lightning bolt can be fire up to three times per day. The lightning itself comes from the mouth of the dragon head design of the shield.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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