Amber's Talisman of "Protection vs Anti-Magic Cloud"
(Enchanted Medallion):

This is an extremely rare and powerful magic item. Only a few alchemists know the secrets to make this magic item. Most are in the Western Empire although there may be one in the city of Wisdom in the Eastern Territory as well. It is extremely valued by most spell casters because it gives the protection against an "Anti-Magic Cloud" being cast. The first alchemist who is believed to have created the talisman was an Elven Alchemist who went by the name of Amber. She is believed to have been one of the most skilled and powerful alchemists ever to practice the craft and no one seems to know what happened to her.

The Talisman is always fairly large and is usually in the form of a medallion on a chain. Most are fairly cheap in appearance, mostly made from copper or brass although some have been carved from stone as well. The stone versions often hang on a simple string through a hole in the stone. In the front of the talisman is the rune of mystic energy drain. It is normally the only decoration on the stone.

The magic item can only be used once. Once activated, it is essentially destroyed. If made from copper or brass, it will corrode until the metal is covered in green corrosion and will crumble at touch. As well, a stone version will become weak and fragile. The item is completely inert and will no longer show as even magical once it has been used. When activated, the talisman will get warm but will not get too hot too touch.

The way the Talisman works is to negate the magic being focused on the spell before it is complete. Negate magic and another anti-magic cloud will not negate an anti-magic cloud once activated and neither will the rune of mystic energy drain. Instead, there is a trigger which is activated when the magic is focused to cast an anti-magic cloud. It does not need to be activated by the wearer but is activated on its own. The magical energy (P.P.E.) of the spell caster casting the anti-magic cloud is lost, usually preventing them from casting it again. It will not activate against an already active anti-magic cloud and can be used once the talisman leaves the area of effect. The talisman has to be within a 120 foot (36.6 meter) radius of the anti-magic cloud being activated to work.

Cost: 250,000 Gold

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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