Bracers of the Gryphon (Magical Bracers):

Gryphon Claws are among the best well known magic items although they are extremely rare. Bracers of the Gryphon are actually more common although are generally less well known. They get the name of "Bracers of the Gryphon" because like Gryphon Claws, Metal Claws extend out from the bracers. The magic to produce the items is more standard and more alchemists actually know the secrets to create them. In some cases, the Bracers of the Gryphon are carried in pairs although it is more common for a single one, on the wielders shield arm, to be worn. Of course in some cases sets have been separated. While popular with both soldiers and mercenaries, they are especially popular with those who prefer light armor types such as leather. A few assassins and thieves also prefer these enchanted bracers over other enchanted shield types.

The bracers themselves are made in a wide variety of materials and vary greatly in appearance. All are a relatively light forearm shield but that is where the similarities end. Some appear to be made of simple layers of hardened leather. These are also normally unadorned. Some are made from metal, some simple copper or bronze while others appear to be made from steel. Some are matt colors whiles others are polished. Some are enameled while others appear to be made from silver and gold. A wide variety of engraving can be found on some of the more decorative bracers with some even inlaid with precious metals and stones. One popular design is the design of a gryphon. As might be expected, the more decorative versions of the bracer. The bracers have either two or three blades which extend out from the wrist edge of the bracer. These blades are longer than those of Gryphon Claws.

Like Gryphon Claws, the Bracers of the Gryphon are enchanted to be indestructible even if they appear to be made from hardened leather. It is often said that a good sword, even one which is not enchanted, can be a heirloom of a family for generations but a shield rarely lasts beyond a single day of enemies trading blows. Because of this, enchanted shields which the enchantment to make them indestructible are extremely popular. The claws extend from the bracer with a command word from the wielder and retract with another command word. In some cases, the command word is written inside the bracer but in some cases the commands much be divined through magic or psychic means. Usually sets have a single command word for both bracers. The blades themselves are extremely sharp and never dull.

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