Dagger-Sword (Transformable Weapons):

The thief saw a well dressed woman walking through the slimy streets of Stone Ford with no body guard. From her dress, she could be a well to do merchant or a lesser noble. She also had several expensive looking pieces of jewelry. The thief took a moment to consider why the woman was in the rough part of the city. Perhaps she was after drugs. Some of the wealthy also visited this side of town for sex. In the end though, did the reason for her visiting this part of town really matter.

It was likely by her dress that she likely had a heavy purse. Still, she might be worth even more in terms of ransom. With any luck, he might be able to live for months if not years on how much a family member might pay to have her returned. The wealthy woman had but a single dagger. Gold, it was encrusted with gems, and likely did not even have a real blade on it.

The thief approached her carefully from behind. He heard a cracking sound under his feet. Most likely it was scrap of pottery which had broken under foot.. He cringed slightly at the sound he had made and hoped she did not hear it. Unfortunately, the woman seemed to have heard the slight sound and turned towards him.

As she turned, the woman threw open his cloak and drew his short sword. Even though the woman had noted him, the thief expected her to be in fear if not outright panic. There were even stories of wealthy women actually fainting when confronted by an armed man. That could be good or bad. It would mean that she would not fight, however she would be dead weight. Better fear or panic.

Instead, the well dressed woman drew her dagger. She said something in a language he did not understand. The blade of the dagger grew until it was the length of a long sword. He had rarely even seen magic items. The blade looked to be sharp as the wind. The woman stood there with the sword dawn against him in a stance that showed that she knew how to use the blade.

In one form, the Dagger-Sword looks like a relatively common heavy bladed dagger. Many of these daggers are highly decorated with gems and inlaid with precious metal. Unlike swords, almost everybody carries daggers of some sort. This goes from the lowest classes to the highest nobles. Nobody will remark at a person carrying a dagger. They are used as much for tools as they are for weapons. In many cases, they are the only utensil used for eating. As weapon though, daggers are of great disadvantage against longer weapons such as swords and spears. Only a true expert can fight somebody wielding a sword with a dagger.

When a command word is given, a Dagger-Sword transforms. The handle extends slightly along with the blade of the weapon. It transforms into a long sword. In this form, it is much more effective as a weapon. A second command word causes the sword to transform back into a dagger.

These weapons are created in both plain forms and highly decorated forms. A wide number of alchemists know how to create these weapons and they are relatively common. Plain versions are only marginally less expensive than highly decorated versions. As a result, the decorated versions are actually more popular than the plainer versions. The only real advantage of the plain version is that they make the owners able to hide their wealthy easier. Even if somebody senses for magic, enchanted daggers are quite common. City guard and thieves are far less likely to be concerned about daggers than a sword.

In both the dagger and sword versions, the weapon is surprisingly well balance. They are equal to extremely high quality Dwarven crafted weapons. In addition to the obvious ability to transform, these weapons are enchanted so that they re indestructible and the weapons are extremely sharp. The enchantments to make these weapons is extremely similar to those used to create bracer type weapons and many of the same alchemist make both types of weapons. There is also a similar "Dagger-Spear."

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