Solhel Ra (Greater Holy Dagger):

There are a number of holy artifacts which have been created for the Church of Light and Dark. Some were created for the forces of light while others were created for the forces of Darkness. One of the most famous weapons is Solhel Ra, a holy dagger believed by most to be dedicated to the God Ra. Some also called the dagger the "Sun Blade." At one time, thousands of years ago, the dagger was believed to be carried by Ra's high priest at Sekti-Abtu. It had been in the priests of the temple's hands for unknown ages. The high priest was killed and his dagger was taken, lost in history for the last several thousand years. Some scholars say that he was murdered on orders of the High Priest of Set while others say that the High Priest angered a noble. There are a great many stories told, one even tells that it was simple banditry, but no one really knows. There have been a great many rumors about the weapons location over the ages but no one have been able to reclaim it and many have lost their lives in the pursuit of the artifact. Still, it has not stopped both treasure seekers and servants of the church from looking for the item. Some scholars speculate that the item was hidden by a dark priest servant of Set who killed himself right after hiding the dagger in order than no one could find it.

Solhel Ra is a heavy twin bladed dagger. The weapon's style is best described as that of a Cinquedea. The weapon is triangular in form and comes to an extremely sharp point. The blade itself is extremely shiny like polished silver and on the sides of the blade are inscribed hieroglyphics. On each of the blade, down the center, runs a deep groove. The handle of the dagger looks like it is made from pure gold and is decorated by gems including the pommel ending in a large diamond. Like the blade, the handle seems to almost shine like the sun. Stories told by scholars say that they weapon shows no signs of wear even though it is many thousands of years old. Just for its beauty, the dagger would be extremely valuable. Even though the weapon is a work of art, it is still extremely well balanced and is the equal of any weapon crafted by the dwarves.

Like many holy weapons, Solhel Ra is said to pierce deeper than a dagger should and be particularly effective against supernatural creatures. There are several legends of priests using it in battle to slay demons and other monsters. When drawn, the weapon appears to glow with a golden light. This glow is so bright that when drawn, the blade will actually illuminate a 30 foot (9.1 meter) area. It is not quite blinding to look at the blade but is hard to look at for long. Old legends tell of priests holding the weapon up high above their heads and even greater demons running before the light of Ra. The same legends tell of animated dead being turned by the light of the sword.

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