Sword of the Earth Mother (Greater Holy Sword):

This sword is most often attributed to the Goddess Heim but it is also possible it is from a Deity outside of the Palladium World. Scholars are divided on the origin of the weapon with priests of Heim claiming that the weapon was made by their goddess. The history of the sword goes back over a thousand years and the first known wielder was a female Earth Warlock. Since then, the sword has found its way into the hands of priests, heroes, and men of magic. The weapon has been especially popular with Rangers and Earth Warlocks.

The style of the sword is unlike that of most swords on the Palladium World which is one of the reasons why some believe it is not from anywhere on their world. The sword is basically in the design of a long sword but is slightly wider than is normal for a long sword. The design of the blade appears to be that of intricate knot-work and the blade is bright silver. The handle shows twisting vines and the hand guards are in the design of a canopy of leaves. The design of vines gives the ability to get a firm grip. The handle is a jade green and shows no signs of age and it is impossible to tell if the handle is solid or somehow plated. In reality, the whole weapon shows no signs of wear or damage and the blade is incredibly sharp even though it has seen ages of combat. It is believed by many that the weapon is indestructible. The weapon glows with a yellow glow which feels like sunlight. The sword is always slightly warm and the sword also feels like it is alive to those who hold it.

Even though the sword is of an unusual design, it is incredibly well balanced and is incredibly sharp. There are some style differences which indicate that it is not of Dwarven crafting but would likely be compared with some of their best work in quality. Since Heim is a member of the Northern Religion, it is likely she would have used a Dwarf to forge the weapon. Most of the enchantments on the sword are normal for a holy weapon including the ability to inflict additional damage to supernatural creatures and the ability to heal both the bearer and others touched by the sword. The truly unique ability of the weapon is that when it is imbedded to its hilt in the ground, the soil is fertilized and the plants in the ground grow at twice the normal rate.

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