Shroud of the Grave (Enchanted Clothing):

This is a magic item which is whispered about although most scholars dismiss the actual existence of this magic item. There are many stories about it but few actual facts on it. It is rumored to be a magic item, some type of magical clothing, that when worn, the wearer will slowly sicken and eventually die. The stories tell of nobles giving the item to a mistress which he wants to discreetly get rid of. Someone who has become dangerous to the nobles reputation. She will wear the gift and day by day get sicker until she dies. Stories also tell of wives giving their husband a gift and he slowly sickens and dies. There are even some stories of priests using the items to remove those above them. The most horrible of stories is were the magic item is passed from person to person with another taking it after the previous wearer dies and killing dozens of victims.

Only a handful of alchemists are the holders of the secrets to make these magic and they keep their art extremely secret. As might be expected, if someone can find someone with the ability to make these magic items that they are extremely expensive. Sometimes the alchemists will sell the use of the clothing and require it to be returned when the deed is done. In reality, the magic items are fairly easy to enchant but the secrets are extremely well kept. As might be expected, these magic items are most common in the Western Empire where subterfuge is a fact of every day life, at least among the nobles and the powerful. Occasionally they are even used by assassins although most prefer the blade or poison.

The magic items are usually extremely expensive clothing and often works of art. They come in all sorts of styles, extremely beautiful gowns, handsome noble suits, and even the robes of priests or wizards. They often contain gold and silver embroidery as well as being made from silk or satin. They are usually enchanted so that they perpetually keep themselves clean.

The magic clothing have two basic enchantments beyond the simple magic which keeps them clean. The enchantment which keeps them clean is convenient because it explains the enchantment on the clothing. The other enchantments on the clothing can be enchanted so they only effect a specific individual or even that they will not effect a specific individual.

The second enchantment is designed so that the wearer will not want to part with the clothing and they become their favorite clothing. It is little more than a basic charm enchantment. It also helps keep the wearer from being suspicious about the clothing being the cause of their sickness. May victims will request that they be buried in the garment when they realize that they are dying while others will want to give it to a treasured loved one.

The final enchantment is the insidious enchantment. The person wearing the clothing is not killed instantly but is instead killed little by little. They are slowly sapped, becoming weaker and weaker. The person will die by inches and become extremely pale. They will often get headaches as they weaken. It is often hard to trace exactly what is happening. Often the slow death baffles doctors who look at the sick. Often they will simply declare it natural causes. The body will buried and no one will be the wiser.

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