Bracers of the Lightning (Magical Bracers):

There are several well known magic shields with the Bracers of the Lightning some of the best known. Several dozen of the original bracers are known to exist and over the centuries more copies have been made although the originals are considered the most valuable. Like many magic items, the history of the original bracers is lost in time although they are believed to be less than a Millennium old by most scholars. This is fairly new as artifacts with many artifacts dating from the Great Elf and Dwarf War or even before. Originally it is believed that the bracers were all made as pairs but many have been separated over the centuries. Some scholars believe that the originals were made for the knights of a long vanished nation or paladins for a long collapsed temple.

The bracers are designed to fit over the arm from wrist to elbow. The bracers widen out at the elbow to give additional protection. Other than three ridges run along the outside of the shields and a raised rim, the bracers are not decorated and are enameled a glossy blue. Even though centuries old, none show any sign of wear. Some of the copies are more decorated than the originals although many consider the simple elegance of the originals to have been lost.

While not really meant as weapon, the bracers are extremely well balanced and are excellent for parrying attacks. As might be expected, they are enchanted to be indestructible and can parry the heaviest weapons with no damage to them. There are straps inside the bracers which magically adjust to fit. Even though the bracers are fairly heavy, they fit extremely comfortably. The bracers have two enchantments including the ability for a single to create lightning bolts up to three times per day and the ability to create a blinding flash up to three times per day as well. Of course carrying two bracers doubles the number of times the enchantments can be used. Some owners have also practiced with the ability to fire twin lightning bolts as a single attack. When used carefully, the bracers can be extremely potent for a warrior.

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