Black Armor of the Shooting Star (Magical Plate Armor):

Legends go that before recorded history, a large meteor fell from the sky. The meteor was composed of some sort of exotic metal that is unknown on the Palladium World. It was barely scorched on its descent to the ground and did not break up like most asteroids do when it hit the ground. It lay in the ground for years beyond measure before it was discovered by a group of adventures about two thousand years ago. A Dwarf metal smith was with the party and had never seen a metal like it. The adventurers tried to break a piece of the meteor for transport but all they managed to do is break their tools in the attempt. The adventurers finally hired a team to pull the metallic rock from the ground. The meteor was far heavier than they expected and weighed about three times more than a block of iron of similar dimensions. The first team failed and the adventurers had to hire an even larger team to assist in the recovery of the meteor. A specially designed steel wagon was made to transport the stellar rock from where it was dug from the ground and require the strongest horse that could be obtained to transport it to the waiting ship. After the meteor was brought back to civilization, the attempt was made to melt the metal and it would not melt in the hottest forges. It was not until an alchemist developed new magic to forge the metal was anyone able to use the rock. He basically found a way of temporarily magically softening the metal. The meteor was large enough that about a dozen sets of plate armor and about four dozen axes were forged from the metal before it ran out. The location of any remaining material is unknown. As well, many groups through the centuries have hunted for more of the super strong metal but with no luck. The entire area where the meteor was found has been dug up with no more found there either.

The suits of plate armor constructed from the material are of the finest quality workmanship. All joints in the plate armor freely more and the armor is surprisingly un-restricting. The armor is black with a light metallic sheen to it. The entire surface of the armor is covered in runes and as a result some have called it false rune armor. There are some recent scholars, mostly human, who believe that real rune armor never actually existed and that the legends of rune armor were cast around these suits. The problem is that many of the stories of rune armor predate the manufacture of these armors. Still, these armors command incredible prices and often cost as much as a rune weapon. They cost more than most other magical armors in the Palladium World. One of the few that cost more is the Demon Bone Armor from the Western Empire.

Without the enchantments that were placed on the armor, the plate armor is about as strong as the strongest suits of enchanted armor and the alien metal is far harder to penetrate than steel. Unfortunately, the plate armor is also almost three times heavier than normal steel plate armor would be and only the strongest beings could use the armor effectively. Because of this, one of the key enchantments is to decrease the weight of the armor. With the enchantments, the armor is effectively weightless and the wearer has full mobility. This does not mean that the armor is not enchanted to withstand damage and to make it even harder to penetrate. The armor is also enchanted to regenerate any damage it receives. Only if the armor is completely destroyed will the armor no longer regenerate. The armor can withstand a huge amount of abuse and none are known to have been destroyed although the location of many of the suits is a mystery and it is possible some of them have been destroyed. As a result of the suit's regeneration, all of the suits known appear as if they are still brand new.

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